Triple Rainbow Rocks Out to Their New Single, “Why Can’t Every Day Be Halloween”

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With Halloween coming up soon, kids and parents everywhere are scouring thrift stores, building their costumes, and generally getting ready for an exciting season of make-believe fun. 

Jared Mees, the TLE co-founder, has spent the pandemic writing songs and creating cool stuff with his two young daughters. The result is a new band called Triple Rainbow. They just released their first song titled, “Why Can’t Every Day Be Halloween?“. Their “Brave New People” clothing line will soon become a children’s music label by the same name.

Why Can’t Every Day Be Halloween” has a pop-punk beat and clever and assertive lyrics for anybody who thinks that regular clothes are just … boring. 

“Everyone knows that you dress up on Halloween, but what about the 364 days between? Why do we have to dress so boring when we could look amazing?”

Why Can’t Every Day Be Halloween

Red Yarn calls this song a “family pop-punk at its best and catchiest! The heartfelt dad-and-daughter vocals beautifully convey the everyday childhood joy of dressing up in costumes. I never thought I would hear the words ‘American Veterans Thrift Store‘ sung with so much sweetness and emotion.”

Watch the video for “Why Can’t Every Day Be Halloween” down below: 

As a father of two young daughters, Mees finds inspiration from everyday family life and the wildness of kids’ imaginations. To quell the malaise and boredom of the pandemic, Jared, July (9) and Piper (4) created a creativity explosion; writing and recording 15 songs, making more than 25 short films, building massive box forts and building extensive miniature dioramas and accompanying stop motion videos — all of which will be forthcoming in the next few months via Triple Rainbow social media accounts.

“Making, singing, crafting, and playing has really kept us positive during the pandemic. Creativity has always brought us together as a family. It’s fun to be able to share what we’ve made with others,” Mees says.



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