Teaching Children About God’s Love through Object Lessons

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As a parent or a teacher, teaching children about God’s love can be challenging. However, object lessons are perfect tools to grab their attention, pique their curiosity, and help them retain information. In this blog post, we will share an object lesson that you can use to teach children about God’s love.

To begin, draw a big heart on a paper towel with a washable marker, along with a few empty hearts above it. Explain to the children that our hearts are empty until we accept God’s love, and that God’s love is unconditional – it doesn’t depend on our actions. Tell them that God loved us so much that He sent His son, Jesus, to die for us and that when we believe and trust in God’s love for us through Jesus dying on the cross, He fills our hearts with His love through the Holy Spirit.

Next, have the children dip the paper towel in water. Explain that God wants us to share His love with others and that we have help through the Holy Spirit. Tell them that as we fill our hearts with His love every day, we will overflow and spread it to others.

Finally, watch as the color bleeds into the empty hearts and pray together, asking God to fill our lives every day with His love so that it overflows to others.

Object lessons are a fun and engaging way to teach children about God’s love. By using this simple and creative method, you can help children understand the concept of God’s love and how they can share it with others. We hope that you find this object lesson helpful in teaching children about God’s love.

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