L. Dejuan: L’s New Album

Spotify Playlist About Larry DeJuan Jackson Jr, better known as “L. DeJuan” is an artist who believes that music can heal & inspire. His motto is “I give the gospel on beats inspiring others to believe.” As a Christian rapper and producer, L. DeJuan aims to do that every single day!
Music has always been aContinue reading “L. Dejuan: L’s New Album”

Help Your Child Develop a Growth Mindset

Description This is a second edition of the popular Big Life Journal for Kids. It’s a guided and illustrated journal which helps children develop a growth mindset and promotes social-emotional learning. With plenty of room to draw and write on each page, the Big Life Journal lets children work at their own pace as theyContinue reading “Help Your Child Develop a Growth Mindset”

Live Berkner Break – 6/3

About Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Laurie Berkner didn’t intend on becoming a highly successful children’s performer. The New Jersey native spent her formative years immersed in music, participating in everything from choir to orchestra to musical theater. After finishing college, Berkner spent time as a music counselor at summer camps, and it was there that sheContinue reading “Live Berkner Break – 6/3”

Hopalong Andrew at Home – 6/3

About Hopalong Andrew Hopalong Andrew sings clever and whimsical cowboy songs about city life performed in the great tradition of the American West. His mission is to celebrate all aspects of city life and nature, while paying homage to the singing cowboys and folk singers of yesteryear. His high-spirited music is meant for the wholeContinue reading “Hopalong Andrew at Home – 6/3”

Watch “HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS” Free on Vudu

Synopsis HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS tells the story of Billy, an 11-year old who, on his first day at a new school, inadvertently challenges the town bully. Billy agrees to a bet — whether he can eat 10 worms in 1 day — that will determine his fate at the school. As the pressureContinue reading “Watch “HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS” Free on Vudu”