Book Blast: One Pale Reflection by Tycho Dwelis

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Welcome to one of the July 10th stops on the blog tour for One Pale Reflection by Tycho Dwelis with Goddess Fish Promotions. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for spotlights, reviews, and a giveaway! More on that at the end of this post.

About the Book

One Pale Reflection by Tycho Dwelis

Published 1 July 2023

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Page Count: 346

Brenden McCoy and his sister, Lettie, have just lost their parents and are going to live with a distant relative in Ireland. They don’t know him, don’t like him, and – even weirder – strange things keep happening around their new caregiver’s house.

Meanwhile, in a strange world beyond a mirror, a mercenary has been sent by his king to hunt down and kill a fugitive, a powerful and immortal wizard. Time is not on his side.

Athos the Key Thief builds an army, and soon everyone will be just another Thrall.

Will Brenden be able to solve the mystery beyond the mirror, find the truth behind his parents’ disappearance, and put to rest someone who cannot die?

Welcome to MirrorWorld.

Read an Excerpt

“I’ll be back for you.” Black Knife stooped to peck Ivy on the cheek and turned toward the stairs, leaving Benny and Ivy and their conversation about the weather. As he trudged up the stairs back to the main hall, Black Knife stepped as though his boots were made of lead. He absolutely loathed Satyrion.

Every month or so, she used him as a rodent for her dark experiments. Athos allowed it readily, eager to unlock more magickal secrets. His goal remained, as ever, to make Black Knife the perfect candidate for second in command. He wanted Black Knife to be like him, immune to magickal damage, if possible, and filled with dark secrets. Black Knife could almost see in the dark, and while he could not do any spell-based magick, like his master, he could call upon the energy within him to create flame.

This flame was particularly useful for burning everything someone had to the ground.

Black Knife snapped as he ascended the stairs, a spark igniting on his fingertips, reminding him of everything Satyrion had done to him. She had given him the power of fire. The process had been painful, involving the injection of potions and enchanted tinctures into his blood, but he now had the ability to call fire forth to his hands. He hated it.

About the Author:

I’m Tycho (I also use the pen name Cassidy), and I love storytelling! I’m incredibly passionate about writing, art, and anything that allows me to create my own worlds. My goal is to write dreamy fiction for all ages that is unique, inspiring, and imaginative. I like to write about themes that include coming of age, magic realism, identity, relationships, and bullying. My books are intended for readers ages eight to twenty-five and are meant to connect the world of the fantastical to everyday life.

I currently live in Colorado and have my MA in Publishing.

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Tycho Dwelis will be awarding a $10 Amazon GC and a signed print copy of the book (US ONLY) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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