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Book: Shattered Guilt

Author: Kathleen J. Robison

Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense

Release date: June 15, 2021

When they told her about Southern hospitality, no one mentioned human trafficking.

The move to Bay Town, Mississippi was supposed to be a fresh start for single-mom Melanie and her daughter, Lacy. The quiet Southern town offers a nice relief after the frenetic-paced life of Los Angeles, but something sinister lurks beneath the surface.

Her bridal business struggles to take off, and instead of turning to the Lord, Melanie makes a desperate plea for help–from her ex-husband. Lacey is attacked, and while she is hospitalized, her friend goes missing—a victim of human trafficking out of New Orleans.

With her ex-husband showing true signs of repentance, the pastor she’d begun to fall for is taking a step back, and her daughter’s friend lost to the animals who stole her, Melanie goes on a desperate, dangerous mission to rescue the girl and get their lives back.

And she’ll do it with or without the Lord’s help.

How can Melanie find the girls and rescue them without getting caught herself?  Why can’t she trust the Lord to keep them all safe, and which man in her life is the right one–if either?

Read this heart-gripping, pulse-racing novel and see how the Lord’s hand is on us, even when He seems so very far away.

My Thoughts

“God is in control. So why am I afraid? Melanie shook her head. She’d given her life over to God a long time ago, but trust, guilt, and worthiness played a tug-of-war in her spirit.”

Shattered Guilt

This book is packed with romance and suspense, but the revelation of “shattered guilt” is what I will remember the most about this book. It is perfectly titled! I don’t want to giveaway any spoilers, so here is some things that I’ve learned recently on guilt, and how it fit perfectly with this book!

I’ve been currently struggling with God asking Him why I can’t seem to heal from the trauma that I’ve been through. He showed me that people can have soul wounds that can affect healing. We are all like trees with physical fruit, and spiritual roots. If you have bad spiritual roots – like unforgiveness of yourself and others, guilt, misplaced identity, and unresolved grief that you haven’t gotten over – you have bad fruit like anger, bitterness, anxiety, and depression. If you just focus on mental health, your symptoms will always come back – much like weeds that come back when you don’t take care of the roots.

Jesus promised us that life would be hard, and that we would have trouble in this world. This is why “should haves, could haves, and whys” can crush our faith. Guilt can be an endless cycle of questions that will produce bad fruit. There are two types of guilt, one that produces fruit of repentance from sin and leads to freedom. The other is false guilt, and is a trap from Satan. Should haves and would haves are a sign of false guilt – and they bring you into more isolation, despair, and anxiety. This type of guilt is hard to let go of because it’s based on a lie. It needs to be replaced with Gods truth. Often times people who have been through trauma have false guilt, and it makes it hard for them to heal. The wounds are from things that happened to us, not because of us.

Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves not regret, but worldly sorrow [false guilt] brings death.”

2 corinthians 7:10

God doesn’t want us to live with crippling guilt of any kind. He wants us to accept His free gift of love, forgiveness and freedom through Jesus. God wants us to trust Him, even through the whys and what ifs of life. Even though we live in a sinful world, Jesus is the redeemer – and makes a purpose through our pain. God promises to give us a new heart when we seek Him and His truth. We can live a life full of joy, love, and purpose despite what we’ve been through – and he often uses it to help others.

“All this guilt we’ve been living with? It’s crippling. It’s crippling us. That’s not what God wants. He is a God of forgiveness. Mel, we can’t look back. We need to move ahead. He wants us to seek Him. That’s what He Asks of us.”

Shattered Guilt

I highly recommend this book, and really loved the story line and the characters. You won’t want to put this action packed book down. I also really enjoyed God giving me a revelation about guilt right before I read this book. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

About the Author

Kathleen J. Robison is an Okinawan-American. Born in Okinawa, raised in California, Florida, Mississippi, and Singapore. Her travels are the inspirational settings for her stories. She and her Pastor husband have eight adult children. Seven are married, blessing them with fourteen grandchildren and counting. The diversity of their 31 family members provide the inspiration for more lively characters than can be imagined. Her husband grew up in the streets of Los Angeles raised by a single working mom, and that life provides fodder for many of the conflicts of her characters.

Tackling difficult life’s trials with God’s strength are the central theme of Kathleen’s stories. She hopes to inspire her readers to trust God and with His strength, weather through and rise above trials and tragedies. If you like suspenseful stories with a thread of romance, you will enjoy Kathleen’s Bay Town Series!

More from Kathleen

Guilt comes from within. Shame comes from without ~ Voddie Bouchman

I homeschooled my eight children, and they all attended a conservative Christian university. My husband is a pastor. So, when I started writing Shattered Guilt, the running joke in the family was, “Mom wrote a book, and it has no bad language, no sex, and no graphic violence, but it’s about human trafficking.” And they were right, but God gave me the words to depict a passionate stance against sin, a pure romance, and horrific tragedy…hopefully, all without offending my readers.

The story begins with Melanie. A delightful single mom and her teenage daughter living in a charming little town on the gulf coast of Mississippi. I love their relationship and their faith, but Melanie’s past mistakes linger in the back of her mind, and she somehow thinks herself not worthy. The theme of guilt runs throughout this book in both the lives of those trafficked and those not. When young girls are targeted for human trafficking, Melanie lays aside the self-imposed shame of her past and fights to save those who will suffer far worse feelings of guilt and shame, for which they had no control.

My heart breaks for those whose lives are paralyzed by their pasts. While writing Shattered Guilt, I didn’t realize the connection between Melanie’s shame and the victims of trafficking. The latter suffer guilt and shame through no fault of their own. Yet, all of us carry baggage; if it’s something that needs forgiveness and confession, and we’ve done that, it’s a done deal. We shouldn’t let the past paralyze us from living a life of fullness in Christ. Melanie and even Pastor Desmond come to realize this in their lives. We need to be the best that God desires for us to be, and to be effective in His work, we must experience his love and forgiveness.

Years ago, when I was first writing the rough draft of this novel, human trafficking was finally getting recognition in the world, and the horrors of who was being trafficked were shocking. That’s what gripped my heart, and I was embarrassed that I didn’t have a clue about the scope of this morally reprehensible practice.  Enslavement of human beings by another has been on this earth forever, and that’s why awareness and action are so important today. In addition, there are so many facets as to how one becomes a victim in this tragedy. I now try never to assume how someone’s life takes the path it does, but I only care that they find a way to hear God’s voice calling them. Every Christian story is about God’s love.

Although I love writing a suspense story, I love creating my characters too. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know the people of Bay Town as much as I enjoyed writing about them. I look forward to sharing more about these endearing characters and the trials they face. Please come back and visit the charming community of Bay Town in the continuing series.

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