“Divine Influencer”: A Movie of Redemption and Discovering True Purpose

“Divine Influencer” is a timely film that challenges us to question the superficiality of social media and instead seek a deeper purpose in life. Through the journey of the protagonist, we witness the transformative power of humility, the importance of serving others, and the significance of trusting God’s plan. This thought-provoking film serves as a reminder that sometimes, we have to lose everything to discover our true calling. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the impactful messages and spiritual guidance of “Divine Influencer,” exclusively on Great American Pure Flix starting September 15th.

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“You Are More Than You’ve Been Told”: A Journey to Discovering Your True Identity + Giveaway

Let’s get real: we’ve all been haunted by the voices of our past, like that time a teacher of mine thought that telling me I wasn’t that smart wouldn’t impact me for years to come, or those lovely individuals who made me question why my hips couldn’t just hop into a size 6 jeans. But guess what? Hosanna Wong is here to drop some truth bombs: those voices don’t define us any longer, and it’s time we threw them a farewell party!

As Wong brilliantly puts it, feeling unworthy or like a failure isn’t just some pity party – it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy we’re continually speaking into our life. The problem with living in this mindset is we become what we think and say about ourselves. If you’ve been using your couch as a personal pity party venue, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and join the fight. Life’s too short to let those past voices determine your future. So, my friends, go grab this book and sign up to win a free copy as you start discovering the power of your new God-given name.

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