Giveaways for Kids

The giveaways are sorted by ending date.  Please check back for new sweeps, as they are updated daily.  Bookmark  the giveaway home page

If you need someone to tag on Instagram or Twitter,  you can tag me.  Instagram @lizard_brooks, Twitter @lizardbrooks99


    Ends July 20th

      Ends July 21

      Ends July 22

        Ends July 23rd

        July 24

              Ends July 28th

              July 30

                Ends July 31

                  Ends August 4th

                  Ends August 5th

                  August 13

                      Ends August 16

                            Ends August 20th

                            Ends August 26th

                            Ends August 31st

                            Ends September 15th

                            Ends November 30th


                            Do you have a sweepstake/giveaway you would like to add?  Please feel free to leave the link in the comments at the bottom of the page 🙂

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