September 2017 FitSnack Unboxing

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I don’t know about you, but I can always use a bit of extra motivation when it comes to eating healthier (especially snacks); and there are so many products on the market.  Fit Snack Box Provides a monthly subscription experience of healthy conscious foods, innovative snacks, and fitness tips to support your active lifestyle.  I really love the wide variety of products you get to discover every month.  Trying and finding new “healthy” snacks that my children actually like is a challenge – but having them delivered to your door in a box has made it fun for my children.  It also gave me new ideas for work and school snacks.


Sisters Anita and Rose Muniz are the duo behind Fit Snack. They realized that taking the leap to live a healthier life is not always easy.  The grocery store is lined with high sugar, over processed foods, not everyone has access to Sprouts or Whole Foods and it’s really hard to know what new healthy snacks you will like without tasting them. The Fit Snack duo decided that they would curate an assorted box every month and on top of that, include at home workouts and bonuses like free music downloads.

Each Fit Snack Box comes with 7-10 full-size and deluxe sample items, plus free workout and recipe cards.

When selecting products to include in the box, they use the Fit Snack “Perfect 10″.  Put simply, they look for snacks that fall into one or more of these categories: Nutrient Dense (high in protein, complex carbs, low sugar index), Consciously Made (GMO free, organic production, sustainably farmed), and Diversified Energy (gluten free, clean eating, paleo, raw).

Fit Snack offers several different subscription plans including 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and annual subscription options. 

This box is a great monthly reminder to eat healthy, and best of all — it’s delivered right to your door.  Try it out yourself and order your own!

This is what I received in my box for September


Trophy Nut Peanuts:  Enjoy a sensational snacking experience.  Experience Buffalo Blast big flavor peanuts, low sodium, and cholesterol free.

These ARE REALLY good!  They were too spicy for my kids — but I ate them up!


Amsety Bars:  Amsety Bar is the world’s only nutrition bar designed to support liver health.  Includes Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix of nutrients required for optimal liver health,

I thought these were okay.  They are not a soft and chewy bar which I prefer.  The taste of the bar is okay, but I would rather have something softer.


Pasta Chips:  Inspired by an authentic Italian snack from the hills of Tuscany.  Pasta Chips are a healthy take on a classic recipe.  Made with Durum Wheat Semolina Flour, the main ingredient found in premium pastas, each chip is carefully cut to created the perfect edge and then baked until golden brown.  Only 120 Calories per 1oz serving.  NonGMO and 60% Less Fat than potato chips!

I thought these were good.  They had a nice crunch, just like a chip.  The flavor is very powerful, but the chips taste great!


Creation Nation – Energy Bar Mix: No Bake, Minutes to Make!  Makes 12 bars.  Gluten, Diary, Soy, Vegan, 8 g protein/bar, and free of Junk!

What an great snack option.  Bonus:  The kids can help you make them!  My kids are obsessed.


Kala Beautiful Beans:  Back by popular demand!  Every KALA snack blend is packed with crunchy, wholesome fava beans.  Always beautiful and Delicious, KALA is the perfect combination of healthy and flavorful.

I thought these were weird at first – but I couldn’t put them down.  They definitely satisfy the crunchy salty craving you may be having.


Leap Instant Smoothies:  Leap Instant Smoothies & Bowls deliver all the raw & organic fruits and vegetables you need under a minute, saving you time and effort so you can focus on what makes you happiest.

Smoothie bowls seem to be the new rage!  I was very excited to try this product, and it didn’t disappoint.  I added it to some vanilla yogurt for a healthy breakfast.


Salad Power Juice:  SaladPower is a drinkable salad – no fork required!  By putting superfood veggies first, our juices are lower in calories & sugar and higher in vitamins that all the other guys.

I drank my cold,.  I found the flavor to be really good.  I was worried that it would not be sweet enough… but it was very drinkable, and tasted great!  What a fun and efficient way to add greens into your life!

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The Snuggle-Pedic Kool-Flow Pillow Review

In Kansas we can have some pretty humid nights – which makes it hard to sleep!  This is why I love having a great pillow!  The Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is amazing because it never goes flat, keeps you cool while you sleep, and never looses it support!

While down pillows are comfortable and conforming, they constantly need to be fluffed and do not hold their shape throughout the night.  Good quality shredded memory foam solves this problem through its ability to conform, but can make too heavy of a pillow for some users.  Only the Snuggle-pedic ™ uses a proprietary mix of their very special hypo-allergenic and extremely low V.O.C. Biogreen® memory foam and CertiPur-U.S. certified foam.  This proprietary mix of foams come directly from their very high-end, all U.S.A. produced mattresses made right in their Westlake Village, CA factory.  The very small pieces are extremely soft and fluffy and make their pillow lighter and more resilient than the usual shredded memory foam pillows found on the market.


Features of the Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow:

  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Comes with a 20 year warranty
  • 90 days free trial
  • Improves the quality of the sleep
  • Eliminates the pain in the neck and back
  • Comfortable
  • Washable & Adjustable
  • Available in different sizes


The soft and Luxurious Kool-Flow™ Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover, along with it’s soft and fluffy interlocking foam pieces offer an unprecedented breathability that allows air to circulate through the pillow and keep you cooler all night long!

One of the best features of the Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is that it’s hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.  This means that bacteria and allergens cannot survive on the surface of the pillow.  That makes this pillow much safer than ones made from natural products.

Another amazing feature of the Snuggle-Pedic Kool-Flow Pillow is that it’s Adjustable and Washable.  You can easily add or remove foam to make your pillow uniquely yours.


Are you Struggling to get a Good Night’s Sleep?

Visit Snuggle-Pedic to learn more and get yours today!  You can find these amazing luxurious pillows in Standard, Queen, King, and Body Pillows in addition to mattresses and mattress toppers!  You can also find them on Amazon.

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Matt Redman’s Glory Song Review + Giveaway

Album:  Glory Song!
Artist:  Matt Redman
Manufactured by:  Capitol Studios

About the album:

Matt Redman teamed up with several of his worship-artist friends for this album, first releasing the track “Gracefully Broken (feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard).”  Tasha Cobbs Leonard also released her own version of this song the same day!  The album also features Kierra Sheard, Guvna B, Madison Cunningham, and Kim Walker-Smith.


  1. All Glory (feat. Kierra Sheard)
  2. Gospel Song (feat. Guvna B)
  3. Greatest Hallelujah
  4. Gracefully Broken (feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard)
  5. One Day (When We All Get to Heaven)
  6. Redemption Ground (feat. Madison Cunningham)
  7. It Is Finished
  8. Questions (You Are Faithful)
  9. Still I Will Sing
  10. Place of Praise (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
  11. Hope Is Marching On
  12. Simple Pursuit / Glory Song
  13. Your Ways

Gracefully Broken Top Of The Tower Live Video

I’ve always enjoyed Matt Redman’s music, “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord),” is one of my favorites from him.  This is why I was very excited to review his new CD!  This cd is full of amazing worship songs that I had on repeat all week!  The first song “All Glory” is such a wonderful worship song – great start to the CD.  “Gracefully Broken” is beautifully written and was an instant hit for me!  “One Day” (When we all get to heaven) beautifully incorporated a classic hyhm.  “Questions” speaks to every heart that questions and reminds us that he is Faithful.  I could go on and on about every song, I enjoyed all of them!  I think that the songs on this album will be sung for many many years to come.  🙂

Click here to buy the cd

What is your favorite Matt Redman song?

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I’m so happy to be giving away the new Matt Redman CD “Glory Song” to one lucky reader.  If you are interested in winning  this amazing worship CD, click the link below!  Good Luck!  Giveaway ends 10/5

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Balance your pH with Multiforce and Giveaway

Our modern diets and lifestyles (sugar, unhealthy food, stress and alcohol) produce acidity in our bodies which puts strain on our pH levels.  This acidity can lead to gout, osteoporosis, heartburn, diabetes, aches & pains and even cancer. Help your body balance its pH with Multiforce


What is Multiforce?

Multiforce is a multi-mineral powder that was formulated as a dietary supplement to enhance certain physiological processes in the maintenance of mineral and acid base balance in the human body. Multiforce contains readily absorbable forms of calcium, magnesium and potassium which support the body in maintaining its pH balance.

Who Should Take Multiforce?

  • People who eat a high amount of sugar and processed foods
  • Health conscious people who want to maintain general good health
  • People who are highly stressed
  • Athletes may benefit due to the lactic acids build up. It is not a banned substance and has no negative side effects

What is pH?

pH is a how acidic or alkaline a liquid is. Every cell, organ and bodily system functions best when it is at its prime pH level. Different body part need different pH levels. Your stomach and skin need to be more acidic, but your blood and saliva need to be more alkaline. Your body is constantly trying to optimize itself and balancing its various pH levels.

What Happens When Your pH is Off Balance?

So many issues can occur when your pH is off. Some of them include:

  • Heartburn
  • Gout
  • Sore muscles and joints
  • Headaches
  • Kidney stones
  • Gallstones
  • Body odor/Bad breath
  • Dry skin
  • Sweaty feet
  • Weak nails
  • A weak immune system

What Causes Your pH To Be Off Balance?

  • Coffee
  • Soda
  • Sugar
  • Stress
  • Alcohol
  • Processed Foods.


What Can You Do?

If you want to help aid your body in getting to a supporting proper pH levels you can do several things:

  1. Change your diet. Try to eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and reduce your intake of animal proteins, dairy, white flour and processed foods.
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Eliminate soda, sugars, coffee and refined carbs
  4. Introduce an alkaline mineral supplement that can help assist in maintaining the body’s pH balance, like Multiforce.


I decided to take the supplement before bed.  I felt like after a few days of taking the supplement I found it easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and I woke up more refreshed.  I think the supplement helped me overall feel better.  I especially noticed it with the aches in my hands and feet.


Want to try Multiforce for free? You can get a 14 day supply for free by clicking on this link.

Giveaway Time!

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(1 bottle of mango flavor, 1 bottle of unflavored and 1 bottle or lemon flavor)

Open to US only

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*Multiforce has not been evaluated by the FDA. It it not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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We’re celebrating Curiosity Day with Curious George!

For several years, CURIOSITY DAY has been an annual event held in Boston, Massachusetts, with materials offered to stores, libraries, and schools nationwide so everyone can join the fun.  Through this event, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and partners have helped thousands of kids, parents, and grandparents celebrate a love of reading and learning. Curiosity Day is always held on or around September 16, the birthdate of Curious George creator H.A. Rey, and the honorary birthday of everyone’s favorite monkey, Curious George!

Curious George has been a curious monkey for 75 years!  I took my kids to the Salina Public Library so they could get curious about reading!  I don’t know about you, but I think a good book is the perfect place to satisfy a curious mind.

Allie was curious about frogs, so we picked up a bundle of frog books.   The wonderful Librarians here at the Salina library create themed book bundles for parents who are in a hurry.  I think this is such a great idea!  🙂

The Libray is also the perfect place to find Curious George books!  Leave a comment, and let us know your favorite!

Celebrate today by playing some GAMES:  We had fun playing “Simon Says,” and changed the name to “The Man with the Yellow Hat Says”.

Here are some FUN facts about Curious George

  • More than 75 million copies of Curious George books have been sold worldwide.
  • Curious George has been translated into many languages, including Yiddish, Afrikaans, Braille, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Chinese, Danish, and Norwegian.
  • Curious George first appeared in Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys, which was published in France in 1939. He was called Fifi in those editions.
  • Hans Rey first saw his future wife, Margret, at a party in her father’s home in Germany, where she was sliding down the banister.
  • When Curious George was published in 1941, King George was the king of England. So as not to be disrespectful to the king by associating him with a monkey, Curious George was called Zozo in England.
  • The Reys created Curious George Goes to the Hospital at the request of officials at Boston Children’s Hospital who wanted a book to prepare children for a hospital stay. After it was published, many parents wrote to the Reys to tell them how effective the book was in reducing their child’s fear of hospitals.
  • A newspaper clipping about two mice that were sent into space to study the effects of weightlessness inspired the story of George’s own space flight in Curious George Gets a Medal.
  • Many of the Reys’ own interests and adventures found their way into the Curious George books. Both Hans and Margret were very fond of animals, and their first stop in a new city was always the zoo. Hans smoked a pipe; they lived among palm trees in Brazil; they rode out of Paris on bicycles; and they left Europe on an ocean liner. All of these details were woven into Curious George stories.
  • The Curious George books were a true collaboration. Hans was usually in charge of the ideas and the illustrations, while Margret handled the plot and the writing.

Celebrate George’s Birthday with something YUMMY to eat!  We decided to make a banana cream pie.  Yummy!


Watch Curious George on Television.  We watched “Curious George:  A Halloween Boo Fest” on Netflix.  Have you seen it?  We loved it! 🍁🍃

We hope you have a FUN day Celebrating Curiosity Day with your family!  What fun ideas do you have planned?

Review of Floogals: Mission Complete! DVD and Giveaway

DVD Description:  Join the Floogals on a mission of discovery as they explore Earth and the funny hoomans who live there! Each day, Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo, and Junior Boomer encounter something that sparks their curiosity, setting in motion the day s research project and triggering an exciting adventure! First, the Floogals have an adventure in which they must learn the difficult task of assembling the Girl Hooman s jigsaw puzzle. They learn working in a team wins the day! The projects continue with investigating Boy Hooman s building of a model rocket, learning how to fly a toy helicopter to rescue Boomer, discovering who stole Dad Hooman s veggies in the garden and so much more! Adventure is everywhere they go. They re the Floogals! 3, 2, 1, let s go!

Buy on

Our Review:  Demonstrating the power of discovery, team work, and critical thinking; the Floogals is a really cute show that mixes cartoon with real life images.  This show has comedic characters and unique adventures in which the Floogals learn how ordinary objects work in our world.   The girls really enjoyed this show. 🙂

Activity Pages: Join the Floogals on a mission of discovery! Download and print the activity pages to help spark your child’s curiosity!


Time for a GIVEAWAY!!  

CLICK HERE TO ENTER to win this DVD from Ncircle Entertainment! 

Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here and GOOD LUCK!

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Gumby Movie Review and Giveaway

The Gumby Movie has been remastered and is now available on DVD and on Blu- Ray for the first time ever!

DVD Description:  Take a magical romp with the world s most popular clay boy in The Gumby Movie. For the first time, you ll enjoy this heartwarming adventure, fully re-mastered from its original film rolls. This is the complete movie, with all its scenes intact. This clay-animated masterpiece was written and directed by Gumby Creator Art Clokey, and showcases Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, Goo, the Blockheads, Professor Kapp, and introduces the Clayboys and singing sensation Tara. Gumby rocks out with the Clayboys for a concert benefiting local farmers. But things go awry when Gumby s arch enemies, the Blockheads, dognap his pet pooch, Lowbelly! Bad turns to worse when the Blockheads also kidnap the band…and replace them with clones! The battle between Clayboys and clones is filled with trains and planes, knights and fights, thrills and spills! True to classic Gumby adventures, The Gumby Movie takes viewers in and out of books, to Toyland, Camelot, outer space and beyond!  The Gumby Movie Bonus Features include: Photo Gallery and Behind the Scenes.

Buy from

Our Review:  Gumby has been around for what seems like forever.  I loved watching it as a kid, and was excited that NCircle Entertainment has brought it back with a fresh new look!  If you are a Gumby fan you will appreciate this movie!  Gumby Rocks!

If you are unfamiliar with Gumby – here is a preview of Gumby: The Complete 1950’s Series Remastered

Time for a GIVEAWAY!!  


CLICK HERE TO ENTER to win this DVD from Ncircle Entertainment and a Comic Book courtesy of Papercutz! 

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