Tear-rifying Jackolanterns

Here is a fun Halloween craft we did to practice tearing.

Tearing paper is a great way to strengthen bilateral coordination, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, strength, visual motor integration, and visual perceptual skills!  

I printed off pumpkin pictures from the computer.    The girls then covered the pumpkin with glue, and torn pieces of paper.   We used colored streamers  – orange for the pumpkin,  and black for the eyes and mouth.  Different types of paper will change the difficulty when you do tearing crafts.

We made several pumpkins — and hung them in our hallway.   Our own little pumpkin patch. 🙂

How to Make Slime


My daughters love slime — so we have been on a mission learning how to make it!

Here is our favorite recipe so far!


  • White Glue
  • Foaming Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring or Washable Paint
  • Saline Solution {for sensitive eyes, store brand and contains both sodium borate

We had a blast making slime. Click link in the bio for recipe #slime

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STEP 1:  Put 2 bottles of white glue into a bowl.

STEP 2:  Put about 3 cups of shaving cream into a bowl.

STEP 3: Now add the color!  We used washable kid paint because it had glitter in it.  You can use regular old food coloring though.

STEP 4: Add 1 tablespoon of the saline solution to the mixture and start stirring.  Add more saline solution until the mixture doesn’t stick to the bowl anymore.

STEP 5: Spend a few minutes kneading the slime

STEP 6:  Have fun!



Painting Fireworks

We decided to paint fireworks this weekend.  🙂

This is really easy and fun.  

  1. Put some shavingcream on a cookie sheet.  
  2. Place dots of color
  3. Star out the paint with a q-tip
  4. Place thick white paper on the creations and press down lightly
  5. Let sit for a few minutes and remove.
  6. Set aside and let the paint dry for about 5-10 minutes 
  7. Scrap off shaving cream with a card.  (We used junk mail)

     This is also a fun way to make fireworks!

    1. Cut a toiletpaper roll with strips – halfway up.
    2. Place paint on paper plates.
    3. And have fun stamping some fireworks!

    How to Make Bath Paint

    Im always looking for new ways to bring creativity into our home.

    Here is an easy recipe to make bath paint.

    Grab a muffin tin and spray some shaving cream in each hole – add food coloring.  Easy Peezy!  

    The best part… no paper needed, and easy clean up!

    I would do this activity on a non- school night incase traces of color stay on the skin.  It will be minimal though.

    My girls had so much fun… they asked me if they could have in tomorrow!

    Happy Painting!!

    Plant a Garden with Your Kids – Plant Smiles and Lessons for Life

    I still remember planting in the garden with my parents.  I also remember my grandparents being avid gardeners, who were always handing out produce every time we would visit.  The joy of playing in the dirt doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I however, do not have a green thumb naturally .. but I am starting to learn some tips.

    I think it is so important to give children the gift of gardening when they are young, as it helps to give them the appreciation of the food they eat and the world they live in.  I know when my brother and I would pick strawberries from our garden bed, they seemed to taste so much better than the store bought ones.

    Growing a garden with your children also helps them learn healthy habits, and self sufficiency.  I also love that it teaches them how to take care of something other than themselves with tender loving care  — and they get to see the outcome and taste the benefits.

    It also gives them the opportunity to play outside, and what kid doesn’t love that!?!  Fresh air, sunshine, and dirty little hands — it is a recipe for a FUN day in a child’s world!  .. AND memories to last a lifetime.

    Check out this planting kit for kids that I found on Amazon, so adorable!

    We live in an apartment, so this year we are trying new ways to grow a garden in pots.

    We planted some strawberries tonight in a laundry basket.  I would recommend putting a burlap sack in the basket first, or the dirt will leak out every time you water it.  We planted some flowers on the top of our basket.  🙂

    HAPPY PLANTING!  — and spending quality time with your precious little ones.

    Did you know you can purchase seeds and plants that produce food with SNAP? How cool is that! I went to check out at Dillons, and was pleasantly surprised.

    How to Make Peanut Butter and Pine Cone Birdfeeders

    The girls, the cat, and I love watching birds at our feeder.  So, in honor of #MakeItMonday we made some peanutbutter and pinecone feeders tonight!

    Here is how we did it!

    First, we went to the park and gathered pinecone together.

    THEN attach pipecleaners to the cone.

    Spread some peanutbutter on the cone.

    What are we doing? Find out on the blog

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    Dip the pinecone into the birdseed.

    And hang it up!

    Have fun watching the birds as a family!!

    What fun things do you enjoy doing with your kids in nature?