16 Health Benefits of Using Humidifiers

❄️ Studies show that the optimum humidity is right around 35-45%.❄️ ⏩ Better breathing and sinus comfort ⏩ Reduced infections from viruses and bacteria. In dry homes, droplets of viruses and bacteria can also better stay airborne, increase your chances for infection. ⏩ Faster recovery from sickness. Having proper humidity levels allows your body toContinue reading “16 Health Benefits of Using Humidifiers”

Goliath Greedy Granny Game

Description: Take the treats without making a peep with Greedy Granny! Granny loves her sweets, but she’s not so great at sharing. As she snoozes, spin the treat wheel to see which sweet to swipe. Be quiet…one wrong move will wake Granny up and send her teeth flying! Be the first player to collect oneContinue reading “Goliath Greedy Granny Game”

Pop the Pig – A Fun Preschool Game

Description: Pop the Pig ® is an international preschool classic that is adored by millions of children–it’s the #2 best-selling new kids game of the last five years. Kids spin the spinner, pop a hamburger into the pig’s mouth, then pump his head. The more they pump, the more his belly grows until . .Continue reading “Pop the Pig – A Fun Preschool Game”

I’m Hooked on ThirdLove’s Great Fitting Bras

One of the hardest things to find after I had kids was a great fitting bra. Let’s be honest, all boobs are not the same! I don’t know who invented these lousy things, but they are terrible. They all fit like crap, and are uncomfortable. If you are like me, after breastfeeding my kids myContinue reading “I’m Hooked on ThirdLove’s Great Fitting Bras”

SQUISHMALLOWS make the best sleep pals EVER!

Have you heard of Squishmallows? We won a lamb on twitter, and absolutely LOVE it! You can’t help but cuddle with them. They are insanely soft, adorably cute, and are such squishy fun! The best part – they are WASHABLE! To learn more check out Squishmallows website, buy them on amazon, and follow them onContinue reading “SQUISHMALLOWS make the best sleep pals EVER!”

Re-hydrate throughout the day with a facial mist

Did you know that even though you apply moisturizer in the morning, your skin will loose water throughout the day! This is why I love re-hydrating throughout the day with a facial mist. They cool me off, wake me up, calm me down, and recharge my mind. These are some of my favorites! What isContinue reading “Re-hydrate throughout the day with a facial mist”

My Night-time Skincare Routine

CLINIQUE by Clinique: TAKE THE DAY OFF CLEANSING BALM The first product I use melts everything away, Clinique: TAKE THE DAY OFF CLEANSING BALM. I then use a makeup eraser and it is amazing! Next I wash my face with this gentle cleanser from Cosmedix . It is perfect for sensitive skin. I love usingContinue reading “My Night-time Skincare Routine”

Chewy.com Delivers Purr-fect Cat Toys

I received this item free of charge from Chewy.com in exchange for my honest review. #ChewyInfluencer You can never have too many cat toys! This month we are enjoying our new addition from chewy.com Ethical Pet Shimmer Glimmer Fish with Catnip Cat Toy Product Description Give your energetic kitty a toy she won’t be able to resistContinue reading “Chewy.com Delivers Purr-fect Cat Toys”