Have You Heard of Benjah?

Today I’d like to introduce you to Benjamin “Benjah” Thom. He is a critically acclaimed GRAMMY®-nominated and Dove Award-winning songwriter, producer, and music engineer.  I really love his music, and put a few favorites down below. Let me know what you think in the comments. “When u realize that “Everyday’s a gift” your whole perspective changes…Continue reading “Have You Heard of Benjah?”

Broken to Beautifully Whole: A Compelling Crusade to Break the Silence, Move Through the Trauma, and Heal the Pain

Book Description iS IT POSSIBLE TO BECOME STRONGER AND MORE BEAUTIFUL AFTER BROKENNESS? How can we recover after hurt or suffering abuse? What choices can help us transition from feeling like a victim to reclaiming our purpose and empowering our potential? Author and speaker Cathy Studer shares the steps she followed as she moved throughContinue reading “Broken to Beautifully Whole: A Compelling Crusade to Break the Silence, Move Through the Trauma, and Heal the Pain”


Produced almost entirely by veterans, this Christian movie follows a troubled teen and her family as new challenges test their faith in God and each other Plot Synopsis: A troubled teen named Alaska faces an internal crisis after her mom leaves the family and “takes God with her.” Alaska ends up getting arrested and saddled withContinue reading “FINDING GRACE (DECEMBER 2019)”

Be Encouraged with Hannah Kerr’s New Singles “Split the Sea” and “In the Meantime”

I am loving Hannah Kerr’s new singles “Split the Sea” and “In the Meantime“. Listen to them down below. “I wrote ‘Split the Sea’ in a time when I needed to be reminded that God is who He says He is. I needed to surrender my situation to Him and know that He can doContinue reading “Be Encouraged with Hannah Kerr’s New Singles “Split the Sea” and “In the Meantime””

Reframing Life’s Disappointments – Laurie Polich Short

This was a Focus on the Family broadcast that I really enjoyed. Regardless of your circumstances God can give you a new perspective. Laurie Polich Short, author of “When Changing Nothing Changes Everything“, she shares what it means to re frame your perspective through four lenses: the big view, the present view, the rear view,Continue reading “Reframing Life’s Disappointments – Laurie Polich Short”

Courage For Life Bible App Review

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to review the Courage for Life Bible App and the devotional, She is Strong and Courageous, by ministry founder, Ann White. The Courage for Life is a Bible App brings the Word of God to life with female voices.  I loved being able to download this app and listen to the bibleContinue reading “Courage For Life Bible App Review”

Unstoppable Me by Adam Dirks, Bethany Hamilton

Book Description In Unstoppable Me, written by New York Times bestselling author and champion surfer Bethany Hamilton with husband, Adam Dirks, tells the story of Makana the lion, who loves to surf but loses her nerve when she wipes out. When her friend encourages her to go back out again, Makana summons up the courage and discovers theContinue reading “Unstoppable Me by Adam Dirks, Bethany Hamilton”

Playing with Fire – Official Trailer

Paramount has released the trailer for the new family comedy Playing with Fire, starring professional wrestler turned actor John Cena. In the film, Cena plays an uptight fire superintendent who must faces his hardest task yet — babysitting three kids he and his crew rescued until they can locate their parents. Check out the Playing with Fire trailerContinue reading “Playing with Fire – Official Trailer”

The Better Mom Devotional: Shaping Our Hearts as We Shape Our Homes

Book Description As a mom, you want to give your best to your family. Motherhood is incredibly rewarding, yet its challenges can leave you feeling anxious, inadequate, and overwhelmed with mom guilt.Trusted author Ruth Schwenk of Pressing Pause and The Better Mom blog will help you learn to give yourself grace as you grow in wisdom with The Better Mom Devotional.Continue reading “The Better Mom Devotional: Shaping Our Hearts as We Shape Our Homes”