Apple Peanut Butter Nachos are a Great Snack!

Today I introduced the girls to what I like to call “apple peanut butter nachos“.  It was a big hit! 🙂 I love this snack because not only is it healthy — you can change it up and be creative!  You can add honey, nutella, chocolate chips, coconut, different dried fruits, and so much more!Continue reading “Apple Peanut Butter Nachos are a Great Snack!”

Healthy Gummy Worm Recipe

My girls love gelatin,  so I love this healthy recipe that uses juice and honey!! I bought these at Aldi, so very inexpensive. Ingredients 1 cup juice 3 Tbs Gelatin 1 Tbs Honey Directions Mix all ingredients in sauce pan. Cook til disolved Pour into mold, and chill for 2 hours.