Althea (Allie) Mariella Kelley

A fun question and answer:

Where do you think you’ll live when you grow up? A farm so i can work with pigs

Describe the best job you could ever have?  Taking care of cats

Who would you like to have as a new neighbor? Easter bunny

What would you like to be famous for? Painting

What is your favorite tv show?  Cat noir and lady bug, my little ponies

Movie?  Moana, trolls

Youtube channel?  Hobby kids

What’s your favorite song?  Moana songs

What’s your favorite subject in school?  Puppets

What’s your favorite thing to do at home? Pet cat, watch youtube

If you could learn anything, what would it be?  Animals, bugs, plants

What’s your most prized possession?  Tablet

What’s your favorite thing about summer?  Flowers

What’s your earliest memory?   Going to the zoo

What are you looking forward to?  Seeing new movies like beauty and the beast

What’s your favorite part of the day?  Snuggles

What’s a special talent you have?  Making people laugh

What makes you laugh?  Being silly

What’s your favorire thing to do?  Be outside and watch nature, Crafts