Tommee Profitt’s “The Birth of a King LIVE” – A Spectacular Christmas Event

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Tommee Profitt’s The Birth of a King LIVE is an extraordinary one-night destination event that took the world by storm, selling out within 24 hours last year. Hailed as The Most Epic Christmas Event in History, this remarkable performance brings together 21 incredible artists, a 60-piece orchestra, a 200-person choir, and a full band. With a lineup featuring renowned vocalists such as Jordan Smith, Clark Beckham, Stanaj, Colton Dixon, Fleurie, Evvie McKinney, Tina Guo, and more, this live manifestation of Profitt’s 2020 cinematic Christmas album promises an awe-inspiring experience.

Captivating Renditions:

The Birth of a King LIVE showcases breathtaking reimagined renditions of popular Christmas songs. Profitt’s unique approach infuses these classics with an aggressive modern orchestra, creating a sonic landscape that is both powerful and mesmerizing. The arrangements draw listeners in, making the experience feel more real and immersive. It’s a refreshing and creative take on Christmas music that transcends traditional boundaries.

Impressive Artistry:

The artists featured in this event are nothing short of exceptional. Their vocal prowess and undeniable talent shine through in every performance. The harmonies are flawless, and the energy they bring to the stage is infectious. Their interpretations of the songs breathe new life into familiar melodies, evoking a sense of joy and excitement that is synonymous with the holiday season.

A Cinematic Journey:

Tommee Profitt’s background as a producer, artist, songwriter, and award-winning composer for TV & Film shines through in The Birth of a King LIVE. The cinematic elements incorporated into the performance elevate the entire experience. The music takes on a grandeur that transports the audience to another realm, evoking emotions and creating a truly immersive atmosphere.

Watch Below:

Unparalleled Success:

Profitt’s achievements speak volumes about his talent and expertise. With over 83 billion global lifetime streams and 250 sync placements in Movie Trailers, TV Promos, Video Games, and more, his unique sonic fingerprint has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Additionally, his impressive production credits, including 14 RIAA certified Platinum singles, 15 Gold singles, 2 Platinum Albums, and 1 Gold album, further solidify his position as a masterful and prolific artist.

Experience the Magic:

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the magic of The Birth of a King LIVE at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN on December 4, 2023. This iconic venue adds an extra layer of historical significance to an already extraordinary event. To secure your tickets, visit and immerse yourself in a captivating Christmas experience.

Live Christmas Album:

For those unable to attend the live event, Tommee Profitt’s “The Birth of a King: Live in Concert” album is now available. This recording captures the chills-inducing manifestation of the 2020 cinematic Christmas album. With 17 awe-inspiring renditions of popular Christmas songs, featuring a modern aggressive orchestra and some of the best vocalists on the planet, this album brings the magic of the live performance directly to your ears. Get your copy of the album at and let the enchanting melodies of the holiday season fill your heart. Buy on Amazon

Tommee Profitt’s The Birth of a King LIVE is a remarkable Christmas event that delivers an unforgettable musical experience. The combination of world-class artists, a magnificent orchestra, and Profitt’s cinematic vision creates a performance that is truly epic. With breathtaking arrangements, exceptional vocal performances, and an immersive atmosphere, this event sets a new standard for holiday concerts. If you’re looking for a fresh take on Christmas music that will leave you inspired and filled with joy, The Birth of a King LIVE is an absolute must-see. Secure your tickets now and be a part of this extraordinary event at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN on December 4, 2023.

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