Journey to Bethlehem: A Musical Retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told

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Moms, buy tickets TODAY to see this family-friendly, uplifting, joyful film in theaters opening weekend, November 10! Whether you like musicals or not, you’ll love the brand new film, Journey to Bethlehem, starring Antonio Banderas, Milo Manheim, and more! Christian music fans, this movie is for you! Watch Joel Smallbone (For King and Country), Lecrae, and Möriah in Journey to Bethlehem, in theaters starting November 10!

Synopsis: A young woman carrying an unimaginable responsibility. A young man torn between love and honor. A jealous king who will stop at nothing to keep his crown. This live-action Christmas musical adventure for the entire family weaves classic Christmas melodies with humor, faith, and new pop songs in a retelling of the greatest story ever told—the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus. A unique new entry into the collection of holiday classic movies, this epic Christmas musical is unlike any before it. See JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM in theaters beginning November 10.

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My Thoughts

Celebrate the holiday season with the enchanting melodies of classic Christmas songs and modern pop tunes as they bring to life the extraordinary tale of a young woman burdened with an unimaginable responsibility, a young man caught between love and honor, and a jealous king.

As someone who eagerly embraces the holiday spirit through music and movies, Journey to Bethlehem is a must-see Christmas film! Having had the privilege of previewing this musical, I was captivated by its heartfelt retelling of the Bible’s true Christmas story. Whether you adore singing Christmas carols or not, the songs in this musical will undoubtedly resonate with you. Journey to Bethlehem weaves a beautiful narrative that chronicles the events leading up to the birth of Jesus.

Watch “Can We Make This Work” Below

Regardless of your fondness for musicals, the brand new music in Journey to Bethlehem, featuring renowned talents like Antonio Banderas and Milo Manheim, is bound to captivate your heart. This faith-based musical seamlessly blends biblical events with a contemporary twist, offering performances that resonate with depth and authenticity. Fiona Palomo and Milo Manheim, in particular, portray the unwavering faith and trials faced by Mary and Joseph with remarkable skill. Antonio Banderas delivers a compelling portrayal of the insecure and threatened King Herod. The film’s narrative strikes a delicate balance between drama, faith, and musical elements, making it a compelling watch for audiences of all backgrounds.

It’s important to note that, similar to the Biblical story, Journey to Bethlehem touches upon some adult themes. King Herod is depicted drinking wine, and there are instances of violence. However, the movie’s overall message remains positive and educational. I highly recommend it for older kids and parents alike. This dynamic film held my attention throughout its fast-paced and captivating storytelling. The costumes are visually appealing, and the scenic and camera work create a truly immersive experience. Personally, I enjoyed it so much that I would gladly watch it again in theaters with my family. Journey to Bethlehem is undeniably an enjoyable movie that embodies the spirit of the holiday season.

The Heart of the Video

Watch a video below on how the filmmakers wanted to honor this true story & only take certain artistic liberties

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