Discover the Unseen Realm: “After Death” – Exploring Life’s Biggest Question

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Today we are diving into the captivating and thought-provoking film, After Death! From Angel Studios, the powerhouse behind The Chosen and Sound of Freedom, comes a gripping feature that explores one of life’s most profound questions: What happens when we die? Did you know that in the past 20 years, those who doubt the existence of an afterlife have nearly doubled? This film takes you on a journey that combines real-life experiences, scientific research, and spiritual insights, inviting audiences of all backgrounds to contemplate the mysteries of the afterlife. Take a peek beyond the veil and explore life’s biggest mystery.


After Death is a cinematic masterpiece that invites us to contemplate the enigmatic question of life after death. Based on true accounts from New York Times bestselling authors and survivors, this film offers a peek beyond the veil. It skillfully weaves together personal narratives, philosophical discussions, and scientific exploration, leaving audiences with a profound sense of wonder. Directed by Stephen Gray, who previously helmed Discovering Heaven, and co-directed by Chris Radtke, After Death promises to captivate and ignite deep conversations.

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The Cast and Insights:

Prepare to be inspired by the incredible lineup of individuals featured in After Death. New York Times best-selling authors, doctors, scientists, and near-death survivors share their firsthand experiences and insights, shedding light on the mysteries of the afterlife. Notable personalities include Don Piper (90 Minutes in Heaven), Dr. Mary Neal (To Heaven and Back), John Burke (Imagine Heaven), Dr. Jeffrey Long (Evidence of the Afterlife), and Dr. Raymond Moody (Life After Life). Their unique perspectives provide a diverse tapestry of knowledge and understanding.

After Death transcends the boundaries of the physical realm, taking us on a spiritual journey that explores the dimensions of mortality. The film challenges your perspective by focusing on near-death experiences and the profound impact they have on individuals. It prompts you to question and seek answers beyond what our mortal senses can comprehend. This thought-provoking film will have you pause and reflect, opening your mind and challenging your existing beliefs. I believe it will also help you discover purpose and bring hope. I really enjoyed this film, and I challenge anyone who wonders, “What happens when we die?” to watch it! Highly recommend.

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After Death is a film that transcends mere entertainment, immersing us in the profound mysteries of life and death. Through the personal narratives of near-death survivors, scientific exploration, and spiritual insights, it invites us to contemplate our existence beyond the physical realm. Don’t miss this extraordinary cinematic experience that will leave you pondering the question, “What happens when we die?” Visit the official website for more information and to buy your tickets today!

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