“You Are More Than You’ve Been Told”: A Journey to Discovering Your True Identity + Giveaway

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Have you ever felt unseen, unwanted, or unworthy? If so, you’re not alone. It’s time to debunk the lies that have held you back and embrace the truth of who you truly are. In the book “You Are More Than You’ve Been Told” by Hosanna Wong, you’ll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and freedom. This book is not just another self-help guide; it’s a roadmap to living lighter and embracing your authentic self. Join me as I share my thoughts and reflections on this empowering read.

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A spoken word about what God says about you. – Hosanna Wong.

Unveiling the Lies:

From the very beginning, the enemy has sought to distort our true identity and keep us from living a full and purposeful life. Wong reveals the power of the stories we believe and how they shape our lives. But here’s the good news: when we know who we are, we can start living out the right story. The author encourages us to reflect on the places and people that have hurt us, understanding that they do not have the power to roadblock what God wants to do in our lives.

Discovering the Truth:

Through the pages of this book, Wong equips us with practical tools to heal from deep wounds and find God’s presence in the most tender places of our stories. She emphasizes the importance of replacing lies with God’s truth, surrendering what holds us back, and embracing our authenticity. As we do so, we not only transform our own lives but also become a guiding light for others who are seeking to be their true selves.

The Power of Rhythms:

One of the most impactful aspects of the book is the exploration of the rhythms that Jesus practiced during His time on Earth. By adopting these rhythms, we can find freedom from burdens we were never meant to carry. Wong highlights four key rhythms that will help us live lighter and more authentically. These rhythms, when integrated into our daily lives, provide a tangible roadmap to knowing ourselves and living in alignment with our true identity.

Living Beyond Past Limitations:

Our past, with all its wounds and mistakes, does not define us. Wong reminds us that the enemy’s greatest threat is for us to doubt who we truly are as children of God. However, we have the power to choose how we respond to distractions and fight the right battles. By turning away from the voices of others and embracing God’s truth, we can break free from the chains that hold us back.

In “You Are More Than You’ve Been Told,” Hosanna Wong presents a compelling and practical guide to discovering our true identity and living a life of purpose and freedom. This book is a powerful reality check on life, filled with divine wisdom and transformative insights. It’s time to let go of the lies, embrace our authentic selves, and live the life we were created for. So, grab a copy of this empowering read, and get ready for a journey that will change your perspective, relationships, and most importantly, yourself.

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