Encounter the 3D Bible: A Must-Read for Anyone Wanting to Deepen Their Faith

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If you’re looking for a way to read and understand the Bible better, Encounter the 3D Bible is a must-read. This book has received rave reviews from acclaimed Bible teacher Kay Arthur, pastors, and academics alike. It promises to help readers approach the Bible from the proper perspective, regardless of their age, biblical background, or preconceived ideas.

Author Susan Michael takes readers on a journey into the world of the Bible and connects the beginning of the Bible to the end. This book is not only a Bible study but a study about the Bible that aims to bring a more profound understanding to every sermon and Bible study.

In Encounter the 3D Bible, readers will learn how to read and study the Bible so that it comes to life. With a firm foundation on how to read the Bible to discover God’s truth for themselves, readers will be able to approach the Bible with a new perspective. Through this book, readers will gain insight and tips on how to read the Bible properly, understand how true and accurate it is, and deepen their faith and walk with the Lord like never before.

The Bible is not just a collection of stories or a history book but a guide to understanding God’s truth. Encounter the 3D Bible aims to help readers understand the Bible in its proper historical, cultural, and religious context. By connecting the dots from Genesis to Revelation, author Susan Michael helps readers see the Bible as a roadmap to better understand Him and His ways.

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