Storyfest Epic Launch

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About the Event

Created with Christian Fiction Reader-Fans in mind: the 2023 ACFW Storyfest! Come be part of ACFW Storyfest(formerly the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat). It all takes place Thursday afternoon, August 24, 2023-Saturday, August 26, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency at the Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

Come celebrate story and your favorite CF authors right on the premises of the ACFW conference—where hundreds of CF authors gather each year.

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More from a Participating Author!

I absolutely adore readers! They are my kind of people!

In fact, long before I ever thought of writing a book, I was a reader. Okay, I still am!

I was that little girl relentlessly begging for just one more story, that middle-schooler who asked for just one more chapter before bedtime, and that young teenager who rode her bike halfway across town to check out just one more book from our city’s tiny library.

So, of course, I am thrilled that I have been given the opportunity to tell readers how very much I value them. You may not realize this when you read one of my books, but I think of
my readers in every step of the process from planning to publication. I actually write with you in
mind. Yes, you! I want you to like my characters and setting and be surprised by my plot twists.
In fact, you are the most important people in my book world!

I know I’m partial, but my readers are the absolute best. You cheer me on, encourage me with your emails and social media messages, and help me choose character names and book
cover designs. And let’s not forget book reviews and telling others about my books! For this I and my fellow writers are eternally grateful!

So here’s to you, readers! Long may you read! As the late Tina Turner said, “You’re simply the best!”

—Kathleen Y’Barbo, Publishers Weekly bestselling author of THE BLACK MIDNIGHT and THE

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What Authors Are Participating?

Sami Abrams, Kate Angelo, Pepper Basham, Laurel​Blount​, Sara Brunsvold, Colleen Coble, Sara Davison, Lynette​ Eason, Loretta Eidson, Joni M. Fisher, LianaGeorge, Sarah Hamaker, Sarah Hanks, Rebecca Hemlock, PamHillman, Angela Hunt, Denise Hunter, Kelly Irvin, Dana R.Lynn, Tracey Lyons, Joy K. Massenburge​, Nancy Mehl, Shaen Mehl, Dana Mentink, Robin Caroll, Dineen​Miller, DiAnn​Mills, Carol Moncado, Lenora Worth​, MindyObenhaus, Candice Sue Patterson, Lisa Phillips, DeborahRaney, Shannon Redmon, Terri Reed, Helena Smrcek, Betsy St Amant, Brandy Heineman, Melanie Stevenson, Carrie Turansky, Marilyn Turk, Kathleen Turner, Darlene L. Turner, VirginiaVaughan, John Walker, and Kimberley Woodhouse

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  1. Unfortunately wont be able to go! Seems like a great event for both the fans/readers and the authors!

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