Parenting Ahead: Preparing for the Teen Years with Faith and Trust in God – Book Review

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Parenting Ahead: Preparing Now for the Teen Years by Kristen Hatton is an excellent resource for parents looking to build a foundation for their family based on biblical principles for the teenage years to come. Hatton helps parents lay the groundwork so that having honest conversations, setting reasonable limits, and exploring issues of the heart will prepare them and their children for the next stage. The book is divided into three parts that build the case for long-range redemptive, hope-filled parenting, focus on pitfalls that deter us from living out the gospel, and encourage readers with what living redemptively in their home might look like in real-time. Hatton shares practical examples, helpful scripts, and role plays to teach parents how to proactively parent during one season to prepare for the next. Overall, Parenting Ahead offers a gospel-centered guidance on long-haul parenting, and I highly recommend it to parents who want to prepare for the teenage years with faith and trust in God.

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