Keep Your Kids Engaged and Your Sanity Intact with Sunflower Summer: A Guide for Intentional Kansas Parents

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Hey Kansas parents!

Summer is here, and I know what you’re thinking – how do I keep my kids entertained and engaged while also keeping my sanity intact? That’s where Sunflower Summer comes in. It’s a program designed by the Kansas State Department of Education to provide families with a wide variety of ways to get out, explore something new, and enjoy time together.

As intentional parents, we know that social interaction and exposure to a variety of activities support healthy development. Sunflower Summer is an experiential approach to learning that can support the transition of school-aged children into the fall school term. Plus, it’s an opportunity for some quality family time that won’t break the bank.

With over 90 attractions across Kansas, there’s something for everyone. You can visit museums, zoos, historic landmarks, and more for free! And let’s be real, who doesn’t love free stuff?

The best part? It’s super easy to take advantage of the program. All you need to do is download the Sunflower Summer app for free from either Google Play (Android) or Apple (IOS) app stores. Once you’ve registered your account, you’re ready to start exploring. The app also allows you to track your visits and take advantage of the program’s benefits.

So, Kansas parents, let’s make the most of this summer and create some amazing memories with our families. Download the Sunflower Summer app and let the adventures begin!

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