Lone Star Sweetheart Epic Book Launch

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Book: Lone Star Sweetheart

Authors: Shannon Sue Dunlap

Genre: Inspirational Rom-com

Release date: May 23, 2023

Katherine Bruno is the shrew of Sweetheart, Texas. Her passionate, unfiltered temper clashes with the gentle pace of her tiny hometown. When she’s drafted to help the mayor’s wife who wants to run in the local election against her own husband, she meets big city political consultant Ryan Park, and cue the fireworks! The handsome campaign manager gets under her skin in a big way, but fraternizing with the enemy is off-limits.

Katherine must battle her lack of experience, campaign sabotage, and her growing feelings for Ryan as she strives to succeed. His unprejudiced acceptance of her strong-willed character beckons her heart, but his rejection of God is an insurmountable barrier. Will Ryan return to his faith and stay with her in Sweetheart or leave when the election ends?

Book Excerpt 4

“It’s not against the law for a woman to run against her husband for mayor.”

“But Lanette shouldn’t treat poor Harry so awful. He’s held the mayor’s office for sixteen years. Why is she making waves?”

Katherine closed her eyes and rolled her lips inward. She inhaled the scent of her coffee like an aromatherapy candle. Frustration rumbled around her throat in an irritated growl.

Gracious words. Gracious words. Gracious—

Since when did a woman require permission from her husband to enter an election race? This wasn’t the dark ages. If Lanette wanted to run for mayor, let her run for mayor. Katherine might not vote for her, but she certainly wouldn’t stand in her way. Mayor Johnson could fight for his job, fair and square.

The men continued, blissfully unaware of how close they were to being verbally shish kebabbed. She squeezed her lids tighter as their clucking bounced against her ear drums.

“I heard Harry’s hired some hotshot political consultant from New York.” 

“Lotta good that’ll do him. What does a New Yorker know about Sweetheart, Texas?”

“Not much.” A smooth, unfamiliar voice joined the discussion. “Do you mind filling me in?”

Katherine’s lids popped open, and she observed the owner of the chocolate-textured baritone. Talk about honeycomb. This man’s voice could sweeten her coffee for a year.

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About the Author

Shannon Sue Dunlap lives in the lone star state of Texas. She’s a die-hard fan of happy endings and believe there’s a Heavenly Father who’s designed one for each of us. Inspiration comes from everywhere—including worldwide travels, her adorable music students, and the fun and flirty Korean dramas she enjoys watching. 

Even in the hard times, there’s humor to be found, and Shannon tries to infuse every story with moments that bring a good chuckle or an all-out belly laugh. One of her greatest hopes is that readers recognize themselves in her books. We’re all such a fabulous mix of flaws and greatness, and everyone is the hero or heroine in their own life story. 

She holds an M.A. in Journalism from Regent University and has published three romances under the pen name Shannon Kent. You can connect with her at www.shannonsuedunlap.com, and if you sign up for her newsletter, you’ll receive a free copy of her romcom novella Flower Boy Tour Guide.

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