God Knows: When Your Worries and Whys Need More Than Temporary Relief by Lisa Whittle | Book Review + Giveaway

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“The Lord is good. A stronghold in the day of trouble. He knows those who take refuge in Him. “ Nahum 1:7

Are you struggling with worry and fear during life’s daily whirl? Look no further than Lisa Whittle’s book “God Knows: When Your Worries and Whys Need More Than Temporary Relief.” Inspired by the seldom-studied book of Nahum, this book encourages readers to trust in God’s wisdom and omniscience, even when He feels silent. By viewing life through God’s lens, readers will find peace, trust, and a renewed belief in their abandoned dreams and goals. This book is a must-read for those seeking practical advice beyond the temporary relief offered by self-help books. Lisa Bevere’s words and stories provide resolute confidence in faith by seeking refuge in God during hard times. No matter what we are going through, God knows our struggles and is with us each step of the way. If you are currently struggling with worry or fear, picking up a copy of “God Knows” can significantly impact your life – for the better. I appreciate how Lisa combines biblical teachings with practical applications and stories from her own life.

About the Book

God Knows: a guidebook to lead the modern believer to a place of release, relief, and reliance upon the omniscience of God.

Inspired by the seldom-studied book of Nahum, God Knows details the behind-the-scenes picture we are missing, what His great knowing entails, and how his omniscience provides daily perspective to bring the healing and peace we are all desperate to find.

In this book you will…

  • Experience freedom by learning the difference between privacy and secrecy,
  • Develop renewed belief in your abandoned dreams and goals, still known by God,
  • Realign your idea of God’s omniscience being far away to how it daily affects you,
  • Release your fears for the future as you develop a different outlook on tomorrow through God’s lens, and
  • Learn how to deal with injustice in light of God’s knowledge of it.

God is doing his job well: the justice, the plan, the working together for our good even when we can’t see or understand. The problem is not God. Learn to release what has been burdening you and watch His plan for your life unfold.

Purchase Book: https://bit.ly/3ItaynH


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