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I have a real treat to share with you today- The Confession Musical, based on Beverly Lewis’ book The Confession, is coming to theaters on February 20th. I love Amish fiction, and was able to watch it for review. I found this musical to be fantastic! The entire cast is excellent, and the songs are catchy. I really enjoyed the story, and you can watch the trailer below.


Based on the New York Times Best-selling books by Beverly Lewis featuring Emmy-nominated comedian/actress Chonda Pierce and famed multi-talented actor, singer, and Broadway performer John Schneider.

The Confession Musical tells the story of an Amish Family in turmoil when their daughter is told the love of her life has died. Katie then discovers her parents have kept a secret from her – she is adopted, and her birth mother is urgently attempting to contact her. Katie’s birth mother is dying of cancer and only wants to be reunited with the daughter she gave up. Katie disobeys her parents and embarks on a journey filled with twists and turns, deceit and imposters as she seeks the mother she never knew.

Mystery, intrigue, and romance are woven together with Broadway-caliber music under the direction of award-winning producer Dan Posthuma and film director Steve Yake. Wally Nason’s songs are dramatic, and Emmy-nominated scribe Martha Bolton sprinkles in comedy as the screen is filled with over 20 actors and dancers, supported by spectacular visuals.

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Below is an interview of Chonda talking about the musical:

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