“Why Do We Say Thank You?” Helps Teach Children That Thankfulness is a Choice | Book Review

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New children’s book from Champ Thornton releases just in time for Thanksgiving

On a fine, frosty day, in the small town of Kent, 
There awoke a young boy who was never content.
“This is boring,” he’d say. As if nothing was good.
In this heart, he would never thank God as he should.

From the moment he wakes up, the young boy complains about everything. The sun is too bright, his pancakes are icky, and everything is so terribly boring. He can’t see whyeveryone else is having such a wonderful time—until his eyes are opened to the wonder of God’s world. Now he begins to see all the great things he’s missed and learns to be grateful.

Often, kids (and grownups too) don’t feel thankful. It’s easy to complain about things, even when there are so many wonderful blessings all around us. But in the Bible, God says “in everything give thanks.” The young boy in Why Do We Say Thank You? learns that thankfulness is a choice—it’s about paying attention to God and the glory of the world he has made.

Award-winning author Champ Thornton wrote this book to help children recognize God as the source of all joy and contentment. Written for ages 4–7 and illustrated by Brad Woodard, Why Do We Say Thank You? is sure to become the go-to book when the kids are grumpy or complaining of boredom. A section at the end of the story for parents will help families continue the conversation far beyond the last page.

A Look Inside

My Thoughts

Children often find every reason to grumble. Mine are always telling me they are bored. This book is a helpful tool to help children overcome bad attitudes, complaining, and ingratitude. It helps children see God’s creation’s wonder and goodness and trust our forgiveness in Jesus. Gratitude is at the heart of worship, and teaching kids to be thankful is vital in raising them to love Jesus. God is the source of all joy and contentment, and I love how this story demonstrates the power of seeing the world with the proper perspective (through the lens of Jesus)! I enjoyed the section at the end of the story for parents, “Helping Your Child Learn to be Thankful,” as it helps intentionally continue the conversation past the book.

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About the Author

Champ Thornton is an acquisitions editor at Crossway and the author of a number of books for kids and families, including The Radical Book for Kids,Pass It OnRadically DifferentWhy DoWe Say Good NightWonders of His Love, The Serpent Slayer and the Scroll of Riddles, and Why Do We Say ThankYou?.

Thornton has pastored churches in Delaware and South Carolina and served as director of SOMA, a ministry training school in Columbus, Ohio.

Thornton enjoys hanging out with his family and friends, drinking coffee, listening to music, doing genealogical research, and reading theology, biographies, and fiction. Thornton and his wife, Robben, have three children and live in Newark, Delaware.

Visit www.champthornton.com to learn more. He can also be found on Twitter (@champthornton) and Instagram (@thorntonchamp).

About the Illustrator:

Brad Woodard, BFA, has been illustrating his entire life, but decided on a major in graphic design at college. Post-college, while working as a designer, he rediscovered his love for illustration. Eventually and naturally, Brad’s illustrating and design fused together. He and his wife now run their own design and illustration studio, Brave the Woods. In addition to working with major brands, Brad shares his expertise via lectures, workshops, and online courses. He is the illustrator for Finding Jesus on Upside Down Daysand Why Do We Say Thank You?

Heading into the holiday season, leave a comment and tell us about some other books for families and children that would make great gifts.

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