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About the Book

Book: Raising Kids Who Care

Author: Susy Lee

Genre: Non-fiction: Parenting and Family

Release date: June, 2022

Imagine knowing what your kids care about, having them listen to what you care about, then doing something about it, together!

Communication and connection are the key, and this is exactly what this book allows you to do. It guides you through 40 conversations to have with your kids, ones that really matter.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, educator or just care about kids and the world they’re growing up in, this book will provide you with rich resources and surprising insights to create that genuine connection.

In our complex world, we need to be aware of looming pitfalls and be intentional in helping kids navigate their way to compassion and wonder, driven by values and purpose. This path of conversations leads to amazing hope.

We all want kids to have happy, loving lives. As a society, we need kids who are also capable of thinking and acting beyond themselves to help others have happy, loving lives too. This book gives you what you’ll need to achieve both.

Inside, you’ll discover: 

  • Stories and research to inform your conversations
  • Relationship skills to build empathy (like listening and conflict resolution)
  • How to combat the worrying influences of our culture (like consumerism and technology)
  • How to grow resilience, self-confidence, character, and strength
  • How our kids can solve problems, rather than being brought down by them
  • Thoughts and tips from other parents
  • Advice from caring young adults about what worked for them!
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My Thoughts

“Live and lead by example. No one wants to follow a hypocrite. But to an extent, everyone will be a hypocrite at some. stage.. except for Jesus. So, point your children to Him.”

Raising Kids Who Care, Susy Lee

I HIGHLY recommend this book for parents looking to engage in meaningful conservations with their children. It’s so important that we are intentional about raising them, and this book has 40 guided conversations to help families raise kids who truly care about the world and the people around them. What I love most about this book is that it lays a foundation for why we should focus on raising caring kids and provides practical tools in the form of activities and conversation starters to do just that intentionally.

If you look around the world, so see that it’s in a state of chaos, where people’s hearts are hardened, there is a lack of compassion for others, and good communication skills are almost nonexistent. This is why I think this book couldn’t have come at a better time. To fix the problem, sometimes, we need to look inside our hearts and focus on our immediate family first. When we are intentional about what we pour into our children and are mindful that the Lord makes the seeds grow, we can be confident that we are leading our children in the right direction to be souls who care. We are providing a strong, secure, loving family base for them to step out. The world needs that light, and we are providing our children a clear set of values and worldviews that can change the world.

“If we all have a spirit, if we all feel love and fear and anger and grief, if we are all struggling along in this complex world, then it helps to remember that. We don’t know what people are dealing with, but it helps everyone if we look for the good within them. Christians say this is seeing the image of God in everyone. It’s an attitude shift that leads to a shift in our behavior too. If everyone has a spirit, they all share something in common with you. It makes quite a difference to the way we treat people – whether we think they are good or bad.”

Raising Kids Who Care, Susy Lee

​If we don’t teach our kids about life, the internet will.

All it takes is a little intentionality to ensure we don’t miss the important stuff.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own. 

About the Author

Susy Lee helps families build a strong culture of communication and contribution. Her book ‘Raising Kids Who Care’ is the winner of international prizes from the Best Indie, Royal Dragonfly and Feathered Quill Book Awards.

Majors in psychology and theology, and a master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, helped Susy consider how parenting and wealth equity play roles in social cohesion. Her career twirls around the twin themes of social justice and children, including state and national education and consultancy roles with children and families, international aid and development, and advocacy.

Susy is also an engaging presenter who has taught in schools and churches, lectured at universities, and run conference workshops for parents and families.

She lives a bike ride from the beach in Sydney, Australia, dances whenever music plays, and has raised two caring sons with her husband Brian. Susy has created generational change in her family.

More from Susy

I didn’t grow up in a Christian family, but I loved watching my children grow up in our church community. They had relationships of all ages and many opportunities to practise caring – things I’d missed.My boys grew to be young men who are kind and faithful, with careers that will contribute to God’s world.

In my book I’ve brought together some useful stuff I’ve researched (because I didn’t trust my own broken upbringing), and that I’ve learnt in my ministry with caring Christian organizations. And I’ve made it a resource for families to talk together – kids are amazing when we make time to really listen to them.

This book is not just for Christians though. I wrote it for parents who care about growing compassion and generosity in their kids. I wrote for parents who want to protect their kids from the strong cultural forces in our world that would lead kids astray. And I wrote it for parents who want to raise kids who believe they can do something about the problems in the world, not be overwhelmed by them.

I also wrote it for grandparents to give to their kids who are now parents – maybe even those who no longer go to church. I wrote it for parents who want to be intentional – maybe because their parents were not. And I wrote it to help churches reach out to parents who need support and encouragement.

Just quietly: I want to change the world, one family at a time! I love the vision of the Kingdom of God, and I think that families who know how to communicate well, about all the issues that surround them, will be better equipped to help bring the Kingdom to earth, as it is in heaven.

I’m delighted that God has already blessed my work – the book has won several prizes including First Place in The 2022 Christian Indie Awards in the Relationships and Family Category. Many churches have already used the book to run events for families. You can learn more about me and the book on my website: https://www.raisingkidswhocare.info/

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