Kirk Cameron Presents: The Homeschool Awakening

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Kirk Cameron dives into everyday the adventures of American homeschool families on a mission to put faith, freedoms, flexibility, and excitement back into learning!

I’m excited about this new documentary from Kirk Cameron: The Homeschool Awakening that will be in theaters June 13 & 14th! I’ve been feeling the need to homeschool lately with things that I see happening in the schools. I’m a single mom, so it’s not something I’m able to do, but I’m glad I work in the cafeteria so I can have a better grasp on what’s happening at least. Whether you homeschool or not, I think this will be a beneficial movie for Christian parents to watch. I think as parents, it’s so important to be intentional and advocates for our children… no matter what that looks like.


About Kirk Cameron Presents: The Homeschool Awakening

Families across the nation are experiencing the homeschool awakening, taking advantage of the freedom and opportunities for self-discovery — with the world as their classroom. Join award-winning actor, Kirk Cameron, as he dives into the adventures of dynamic American families on a mission to put fun and faith back into learning. The Homeschool Awakening explores the ins, outs, and honest answers to homeschooling’s most frequently asked questions.


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