What If It’s Wonderful?: Release Your Fears, Choose Joy, and Find the Courage to Celebrate

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What if my hope only leads to disappointment? What if I embrace joy only to have it ripped from my hands? What if my celebration is the cause of others’ sadness? What if my joy takes me away from the God I knew so well in my pain?

Author and marriage and family therapist Nicole Zasowski knows what it’s like to take a blow that makes it difficult to look to the future with expectation and ask herself these questions. Yet, as she found the courage to celebrate, she discovered God is as present in our joy as He is in our pain.

Yes, God’s purpose for us is worked out in our struggles. But what if it is also worked out in our dreams and our delighted joy? In What If It’s Wonderful? Nicole helps you:

  • overcome the fears that keep you from looking toward the future with joy;
  • let go of the lies you’ve believed about happiness and embrace celebration as a part of spiritual growth;
  • approach life with an expectant heart and courage to trust God’s good gifts.

With a psychological and spiritual case for celebrating, Nicole challenges you to let go of the habit of practicing disappointment and fully embrace joy, beckoning you to ask yourself a new question: What if it’s wonderful?

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About Nicole Zasowski

Nicole Zasowski is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the author of From Lost to Found. As an old soul who wears her heart proudly on her sleeve, she enjoys writing and speaking on topics that merge her professional knowledge, faith, and personal experience. Nicole lives in Connecticut with her husband and their three young children.

My Thoughts

As I started reading this book, I expected to be encouraged and cheered into a celebration. I was pleasantly surprised at the tears that this book prompted, too, especially as I followed along with the discussion questions. I love the perception that the author takes in this book. We always have something to celebrate, even in the hard times, because God is always working in those moments!

I have found this perspective on joy and celebration as I’ve matured in my faith. One of the hardest things for me to grasp in my Christian walk has been that of HOPE and surrendering my days and expectations to Him. So often, I’ve fallen into the pattern of fear and anticipation of disappointment. It is something I still struggle with at times. I’m constantly rehearsing tragedy when I should be experiencing God’s gift of joy and celebration today. It has robbed me of much joy and hope here and now. I’ve found that when my celebration has been a reaction to good news or a reward for an accomplishment, it was short-lived and caused me much anxiety. But when I looked at celebration and joy as a choice or rhythm and walked with God, I found joy even in the smallest moments of every day. This view has allowed me the freedom to celebrate the life I’m living now and not always wait for something in the future or for things to change.

“I don’t want to look back on my life— my beautiful, wonder-filled, God-given life — and realize that I’ve mostly missed it while I was busy preparing for the worst.” 

I highly recommend adding this empowering book to your reading list this Spring. It’s a reminder that God’s with us always, and He’s just waiting to be invited to the party. This book will have you reflecting on your “wonderful” right now, and you will start practicing celebration without waiting for a REASON. It’s the perfect book for this Easter season, as you start a journey of healing and wholeness that only God can provide. It will take you on a healing journey and build your relationship with God, guide you as you reflect and heal emotionally, and encourage you to both have wonder and hope. It is sure to pull on all your heartstrings and you will want to read it multiple times and share it with a friend.

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