Neighborliness: Love Like Jesus. Cross Dividing Lines. Transform Your Community. By David Docusen | Book Review

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Do you want to love your neighbor as yourself but don’t know where to start? This practical, accessible guide to bridging the dividing lines of politics, race, and economics, both individually and as the church, will help you amplify Jesus in your community and build God’s kingdom.  

When asked what the greatest commandment is, Jesus gave a two-part answer: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” and also “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Love God. Love others.

Jesus’ simple command to love your neighbor can feel overwhelming when your neighbor looks, lives, and votes differently than you do. Racial and economic tensions across the country have resulted in deep dividing lines that seem really intimidating to cross.

Docusen breaks down these lines in approachable chapters, including topics such as:

  • how to actively seek out people you can benefit and encourage,
  • what it means to find a diverse and supportive community that fulfills needs,
  • examples of real-life experiences, including highlights and missteps of Docusen’s ongoing journey, and
  • how churches can teach on difficult topics with grace and truth.

Neighborliness is a practical guide to bridging those dividing lines and learning to recognize and amplify the beauty of God in our communities. Backed by David’s speaking and training through the Neighborliness Center, this book will help individuals and churches reach out to their neighbors, love them through Christ, and build God’s kingdom.

My Thoughts on the Book

This book has the power to change all of us — how we think, how we love, and how we neighbor. It is thoughtful and humbly calls us to see and live with more intention. It shows us that to understand the world around us, we must look at it through the lens of what we believe in God. When we cross dividing lines with the proper lens, we learn to be a good neighbor and bring healing and understanding with an open heart. Even though many topics in this book may be uncomfortable and are often topics that we avoid because they are minefields, this book was a great reminder of why love is the core of tackling real solutions that last for an eternity. It’s the kindness of Jesus that leads us to understand the world around us so that we can enter into the beauty of God and change our hearts and then our community.

This book will have you stopping chapter after chapter to check and reflect on your own heart, reconcile with God and reflect on who He wants you to be. This is a great book to guide you on a journey to understand the greatest commandment in a tangible, practical, and hopeful way – “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.”

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Here is the author doing a teaching on some of the themes in this book so you can get a feel for his heart.

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