Even Silence Is Praise: Quiet Your Mind and Awaken Your Soul with Christian Meditation By Rick Hamlin

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About the Book

Are you curious about biblical Christian meditation? Through stories, practical advice, and helpful prompts, Rick Hamlin guides Christians to center their minds and hearts on God as they seek to hear the still small voice above all the noise and chaos in the world.

Rick Hamlin has been unpacking the power of prayer in Finding God on the A Train and Ten Prayers You Can’t Live Without and the special Guideposts book, Prayer Works. In this new book, you will discover

  • how meditation has deep Christian roots that go back for millennia,
  • how it can be used to live more authentically and let go of anxiety,
  • how to love more generously and find God’s will in your life, and
  • how to grow in compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance.

The steps are simple, and at the end of each chapter Hamlin offers specific exercises to enhance your practice.

“If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take his cross daily and follow me,” Jesus said to his followers. Meditative prayer offers a rich resource to do just that. Silence speaks volumes and becomes a tool for all Jesus’ followers.

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My Thoughts

Thank You @wpublishing @rickhamlinprays for this gorgeous book about biblical Christian meditations⁣

One of my favorite ways to bring me peace and bring me closer to God is my quiet time with the Lord. This author does a beautiful job through life stories, guiding techniques, and scriptures, introducing the reader to Christian mediation practices. I loved that each chapter ends with a “Meditative Moment” to help apply the material to everyday life. Such excellent practical suggestions are offered in this book. It’s a beautiful read and is a great way to help release your daily worries to the Lord through prayer, worship, and mediation as you draw closer to Him daily.

I have received this product through Front Gate Media in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*

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A long-time editor at Guideposts magazine, Rick Hamlin is a frequent contributor to all Guideposts publications. He often writes about his prayer journey and has hosted numerous prayer events for the Guideposts community, in person and on social media. A busy husband, father, magazine executive, and lay leader in his church, he stresses how prayer and meditation can be a natural part of everyday life. He grew up in Southern California but has lived most of his adult life in New York City, where he and his wife sing in their church choir. In addition to his nonfiction—most recently Pray for Me—he has authored several novels, including Reading Between the Lines. Rick blogs regularly at guideposts.org and has published several op-eds in the New York Times.

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