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Covering Faith, Everyday Life & the Best in Culture

Recently, FrontGate Media sent me a copy of a brand-new lifestyle magazine that incorporates faith and popular culture.

About Link2Us Magazine: 
Link2us magazine is a lifestyle publication at the intersection of faith and popular culture, providing readers with a blueprint for living their best and most authentic lives. Each issue delivers fresh and engaging stories, conversations with today’s most inspirational figures, the latest food and wellness trends, relationship and finance tips, home décor solutions, and much more, with faith and inspiration at its core. Our feature content highlights noteworthy figures, up-and-comers, and everyday people impacting their communities and the culture at large. We provide real solutions for real people, living in the real world.

My Thoughts on the Magazine

Each issue delivers new and engaging stories and conversations with real-life superheroes who are making a difference & changing the cultural landscape. I really enjoyed the conversation with Lacrae, as he shared his journey from trauma to triumph. My favorite quote was, “When you are religious, you are stressing yourself out to be perfect and trying to do it all in your own strength. And when you mess up or miss a step, it’s devastating to you because you are thinking about your own resume–not the fact that you should be dependent on God in the first place.”

I loved that the magazine addressed such topics as mental health and enjoyed the article called “Coffee, Hip-Hop and Mental Health” by Christopher Lemark. “We need to validate and affirm each other, but we don’t do that because of fear of talking about taboo stuff-like mental illness”.

I also enjoyed many of the faith articles such as “The Power of Surrender” by Dawn Rusinko.

I enjoyed the high-quality pictures in this magazine and loved the wide range of topics that the magazine offered. It has everything from recipes and exercises to book and movie suggestions. I think this is a magazine subscription that those of faith would really enjoy.

Here is how to grab your copy!👇🏼

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I have received this product through the Front Gate Media exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*

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  1. Click here for more articles like this at
    Link2Us Monthly magazine is in their 6th month and has become a popular form of reading material because its articles are written according to readers, so what better than one such magazine by young adults to read this time.
    When I first started my college life there was no access to reading magazines and so, I was forced to resort to YouTube to get through my college papers on college and university students. But having moved out of Delhi in June 2021, reading online isn’t as easily available anymore. However, Link2Us Monthly has found to be a go-to source for every teenager who needs some motivation, fun and inspiration during these pandemic times. The magazine covers many topics related to lifestyle, personality development and career advice through their columns section and provides weekly tips from celebrities/entertainers. This magazine contains an in-depth guide on how to manage your money better from personal finance experts and financial advisers. Apart from that there are also fun quizzes to ask questions about anything which makes students feel important, even if they are only teenagers from India to look forward to it. You can view our blog on about what we think about the recent issue (link provided below), have a view on…
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