“Create Your Garden of Eden: Change Your World in 7 Days Like God Did” Review + Giveaway

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Do you sometimes wonder why you were born and what really is your Purpose in life? Are you confident you are doing what God wants you to do? This book helps you to answer these and other key questions. It helps to clarify why you are here, what you are uniquely meant to accomplish and then provides a pattern to create an ideal life. This system is based on the system the Creator used to create the world in Genesis, resulting in a masterpiece living in a beautiful Garden of Eden. Written in an easy to read style, the book includes focused questions and exercises to allow you to apply the principles to your personal life so that you can find answers to your quest for purpose. Focus on how God changed the dark, empty and void earth into a place of vibrant energy, life and beauty – and a representative of God himself. And use the same pattern to make the changes in your life so that you fulfill what is in your heart to achieve.


If you are trying to prioritize finding and fulfilling your purpose, this is the book for you!

If you’re a strategic planner and goal setter like me, then you’ll really enjoy this book! Elizabeth Mannette takes you on a process to create the life God intends for you to live and shares her process to find God’s perfect plan for you and how to create your Garden of Eden through a scripturally-inspired, 7-step process. This book will help you focus your mindset, and give you a little motivation to transform your life and start living your purpose!

Here is an overview of the process and what you can expect from each step:

  1. Day Zero – Pre- Creation Assessment:  Find YourPurpose

Day Zero uses the description of the earth before Creation to outline the preparation and evaluation needed before considering a change. This chapter introduces the end-product or Masterpiece as the Big Why and Mission for the entire creative process. The central notion is that the six days of creation were so organized and deliberate that the Creator must have had the end in mind before starting. And so too should we.

  1. Day One – Creation of Light to Dispel Darkness

Day One reviews the separation of light and darkness into Day and Night. The author highlights the importance ofwords and speaking, the elimination ofunnecessary hindrances and the establishment of Core Values to ensure what is created is considered “good.”

  1. Day Two – Creation of the Boundary and Utopia

The separation of the waters in the heaven from that in earth is used to establish the broad principle of a utopia to guide the Vision for the Masterpiece toward a heavenly and divine standard.

  1. Day Three – Creation of Land and Plants

This chapter analyses the third day ofcreation where land, plants and trees emerged; reference to a solid foundation for short, medium and long term goals. And for long term, the author encourages you to look fifteen years and beyond with big goals and aspirations.

  1. Day Four – Creation ofHeavenly Lights and Seasons

Day Four guides you to become clear on the seasons of life (or the specific area on which you are focusing) and to prepare for what will likely occur. The outcome from this chapter is a personal dashboard to track progress on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

  1. Day Five – Creation of Fishes and Birds

This chapter considers what is necessary for different levels ofperformance and best results and encourages the reader to consider alternative environments to remove limitations to growth and progress.

  1. Day Six – Creation of Animal Life

This is the culmination of Creation and is about building variety and diversity into your life, with systems, collaborative teams and elements ofcommunity to ensure success of yourMasterpiece. The key points of Day Six is you cannot do it alone and you can have a varied life.

  1. Day 7 – The Time of Rest

In the final chapter, you are inspired to maintain a place of inner peace when the Masterpiece is identified and the environment for its growth established. Living from a place of rest is the principle to undergird your entire lifestyle.

You can learn more about the book here: https://createyourgoe.com/purpose/

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