“Fight for Us: Win Back the Marriage God Intends for You” Review

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A husband and wife may not agree on everything, but there is one thing they absolutely must agree on, always, and that is to never give up and fight for each other to the very end of their lives.

Fight For Us

Marriage isn’t easy, but it is worth the fight! If you are in a dark season in your marriage and are battling for it to survive – then I highly recommend reading this book together as a couple. Former US Force Recon Marine who did eight tours in Afghanistan wrote a book to encourage couples not to grow weary and help couples fight for their marriage. It has ten chapters with a discussion, affirmation, and action to help your marriage be the best it can be – grounded in Jesus. This book does a great job of teaching couples how to fight for a Godly marriage using the “five rounds” of fighting necessary for the battle for any marriage.

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Fight for Us takes couples on an inspiring journey into the challenges of battling for their marriage, through gut-wrenching times of despair, and then finally to the victory of a renewed relationship grounded in Jesus.

Fight for Us delivers a compelling marriage challenge of “five rounds” that teach readers how to develop the never-give-up, never-quit mentality every relationship needs in order to combat the enemy’s constant attacks.

Learn how to fight for a Godly marriage, using the “five rounds” of fighting that are necessary in the battle for any marriage: 

Utilizing narrative elements from the real-life story of Chad and Kathy Robichaux, readers will learn how Chad’s deployments to Afghanistan as a Marine–and subsequent career as an MMA fighter–allowed him to disengage from his emotions, his marriage, and his children. Then, when his crippling PTSD brought him to brink of suicide, Kathy’s pastor taught him the “five rounds” of fighting that are necessary in the battle for any marriage:

  • Round I: Believe God Loves You and Has a Purpose for You
  • Round II: Be Accountable for Your Actions
  • Round III: Accept That You Can’t Change the Evils You’ve Encountered
  • Round IV: Access God’s Power
  • Round V: Put Yourself Second

At the end of the rounds, readers will discover God’s design for marriage, which saved Chad and Kathy’s relationship. Today, they aim to pay it forward and share what they’ve learned with other couples. Fight for Us features application sections, discussion prompts, affirmations, and Bible verses, all designed to help readers apply the book’s key marriage principles.

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