Addicted to My Phone” by Erica Mason: A Song About Struggles, Hope, and Vulnerability

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Erica Mason’s “Addicted to My Phone” is a heartfelt song that speaks to the struggles of dealing with pain and depression and the desire for love and acceptance. The lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and honesty as the artist opens up about her struggles with addiction and toxic relationships. Despite the challenges, the song conveys hope and a willingness to learn and grow. Overall, “Addicted to My Phone” is a powerful and relatable song that many listeners are sure to connect with on a personal level.

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This song was created from a place of vulnerability that sometimes I’m shocked to admit. I have a phone addiction that I sometimes use to cope with pain. As a person who deals with depression, and anxiety, being able to be honest about my feelings are so healing. I hope you enjoy.

Erica Mason

QOTD: What steps can we take to break free from the addiction to our phones and find genuine connection and peace in our lives?

Discover the power of vulnerability and hope in Erica Mason's 'Addicted to My Phone.' A relatable and honest song about the challenges of mental health, technology addiction, and the search for connection and peace. #EricaMason… Click To Tweet

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