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Queen Latifah and Dennis Quaid star in this beloved tale based on the New York Times best-selling book by Kate DiCamillo. When 12-year-old Rob Horton (Christian Convery) discovers a caged tiger in the woods near his home, his imagination runs wild and life begins to change in the most unexpected ways. With the help of a wise and mysterious maid, Willie May (Queen Latifah) and the stubborn new girl in school (Madalen Mills), he navigates through childhood memories, heartache, and wondrous adventures in this heartwarming adaptation.

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My Review of the Movie

“Have you ever been inside a cage? Not a real one with metal bars and a lock, though I have had some experience with those. No, I’m talking about the kind of imaginary cage we build to protect ourselves. That’s the kind of cage my friend Rob and I were trapped inside when we were 10 years old, before we unearthed the key that would set us free, and before we met the magnificent creature, who would change our lives forever.”


I love how this movie addresses how everyone deals with pain differently. One of the film’s big themes was cages – cages that we build to protect ourselves from hurt, loss, and pain. As children, this can often show up as anger or self-harm. Throughout the movie, you learn how the characters feel locked up in metaphorical cages and how they express their emotions in unhealthy ways but learn how to be brave and overcome. The Tiger Rising is the perfect family night movie that will remind children that they are not alone and give them courage and hope towards healing and freedom. I love the Faith & Family Discussion Guide that goes along with the movie and think it will provide parents with the perfect opportunity to address the different feelings that may come up and how to handle them in healthy ways. The more tools we offer our children to put in their tool belts, the more they will have to draw upon when the time comes to use them, and this is a movie that is an excellent tool for families to use.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. You’re stronger than you think!

Standing up for your friends and family can make all the difference.

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Enter to Win 1 free digital code once The Tiger Rising Movie releases on digital/DVD!

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