My Review of the Highly Anticipated Film Adaptation of Bestselling Novel “REDEEMING LOVE”

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I’m so excited to share this movie with you, as I was given the opportunity to screen it and give you my opinion on the film.

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This film is based on the bestselling novel by Francine Rivers, REDEEMING LOVE. It’s a powerful story of relentless love and perseverance as a young couple’s relationship clashes with the harsh realities of the California Gold Rush of 1850.

Angel expects only pain from those around her. Sold into prostitution as a child, Angel survives with hatred towards herself and the men that use her. She meets Michael Hosea, a farmer who believes God wants Angel to be his wife. Dire circumstances force Angel to accept his proposal, but when Michael defies her bitter expectations, her wounded heart begins to mend.

As Angel encounters a love unlike anything she ever experienced, feelings of unworthiness and shame cause her to run from a life she doesn’t think she deserves. As Michael sets out to find her, Angel discovers there is no brokenness that love can’t heal.

Redeeming Love Movies Premieres January 21st!

My Thoughts on the Movie

“Sometimes you have to leave behind what you were born into to become who God meant you to be.”

I have not had the opportunity to read the novel by Christian author Francine Rivers that this film is based on. Still, I’m familiar with the Biblical love story of Hosea and Gomer and God’s unconditional, redemptive, and all-consuming love.

Redeeming Love is such a beautiful story, and reminder of what God’s Love looks like – there is no brokenness that love can’t heal and redeem. This story is such a beautiful statement of faith, and is a lovely depiction of God’s unconditional love for us all and how he breaks down our walls, woos us, has a plan for us, and we are always ready to welcome us home. Even when we turn away repeatedly. Love is a choice, and the most significant choice is giving our life entirely to the Lord.

REDEEMING LOVE is rated PG-13 (Partial Nudity, Mature Thematic Content, Sexual Content, Strong Violent Content). With that being said, I would not let your 13 years old watch this movie. I also wouldn’t recommend this movie as a “date movie” for teens or those looking for a significant other. I’m 40 years old, have been married and divorced, and I found myself looking away during parts of the movie. At one part of the movie, Michael took a cold shower, and I laughed to myself, thinking I feel like I need to do that! So with that said, I highly recommend this movie because it has a beautiful Biblical love story, and I cried many times …. but I would use discernment on whom you watch this film with and if this is appropriate for you personally as we are all different. I would suggest watching this movie with a group of girlfriends (as this would be an excellent reminder for girls on how to be treated, perhaps with the guidance of an older woman and a discussion afterwards) or going to the movies as husband and wife as a special date night.

There are also a lot of important tough topics that are touched upon in the movie, and may trigger some who have been through such things. I am one of those, and made it through. I just cried a lot, and it was a reminder of how much we are loved by God.

I did really enjoy this movie, and watched it several times. The acting was terrific, and I’m sure this movie will win several awards. It was beautifully written, produced, and is a great reminder of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness for his children. He wants us all to come home.

Welcome home. I’ve always loved you

Coming to theaters January 21, 2022

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