The Acrostic of God is an engaging and biblically sound primer for young children, providing an effective resource to instruct them in the truth of God’s Word. The book and accompanying music offer an enjoyable and memorable way for parents and others to teach kids about the attributes of God, using an acrostic format that rhymes. This attractively produced book is a must-have resource for families and Sunday schools seeking to instill a solid foundation of faith in young children. Richard B. Gaffin Jr., Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Emeritus, Westminster Theological Seminary, highly recommends The Acrostic of God as an effective tool for teaching children about God’s character.

“With the need to instruct young children in the truth of God’s Word never more urgent than it is today, this attractively produced primer, The Acrostic of God, provides an effective resource for parents and others­—both engaging and soundly biblical.”

Richard B. Gaffin Jr., Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Emeritus, Westminster Theological Seminary

The Acrostic of God is a beautifully illustrated book that uses an acrostic format to teach young children about the attributes of God. Each letter of the acrostic represents a different aspect of God’s character, such as “A” for Almighty, “B” for Beautiful, and “C” for Creator. The rhyming text is easy to remember and reinforces the key concepts taught in each section.

In addition to the book, The Acrostic of God also includes a CD of music that complements the text. The songs are catchy and fun, making it easy for kids to learn and remember the attributes of God. The music is performed by a talented group of musicians and singers and is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

Overall, The Acrostic of God is a valuable resource for parents, grandparents, and anyone who works with young children. It provides a solid foundation of faith in an engaging and memorable way, ensuring that kids will remember the key concepts taught for years to come. Highly recommended!

“Let’s read the Acrostic of God together
to help you to make him your awesome treasure.
We’ll read it, rap it, or sing it—it’s fun!
Till Jesus comes back and his kingdom has come. . .
He’s the Alpha and Omega, from A to Z;
his beauty and his glory we were made to see.”

Catechism can be fun! The Acrostic of God is a joy to read and reread, and a wonderful tool to help kids absorb eternal truth about God. 

By giving children an alphabetical list of the titles and attributes of God written with a rhyming beat, Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle make The Acrostic of God fun to read and easy to memorize. Each characteristic, A to Z, weaves together a beautiful picture of God. 

Using the alphabet to teach about God has a rich history in the Bible, especially in the Psalms and Lamentations. Several of the psalms—notably Psalm 119—begin with letters of the Hebrew alphabet, forming an acrostic that spells out the entire alphabet. 

The authors make learning theology fun and effortless. Their book shows God as he is, not “just to know about him more in our brains, but to know him as the God of glory who reigns.” 

Illustrated by C. S. Fritz, The Acrostic of God is the first in the Acrostic Theology for Kids series that introduces children ages five to eleven to systematic theology uniquely on their age level.  

Readers will find a QR code in the back of The Acrostic of God that they can scan to listen to the audio version of the book which Timothy Brindle reads in rap style. 

In coordination with the release of the book, Timothy Brindle released The Acrostic of God: Rap Album with songs based on the content of the book.

The album is available for purchase at

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