Have You Heard of Alive City?

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Fronted by brother-sister duo Zachary and Madalyn Schossau, Alive City is comprised of childhood friends Johnny McCormick (keys/vocals), Bryce Wahl (drums/vocals), Noah Shpak (electric guitar) and Alton Rogers (bass). They didn’t necessarily seek to make Alive City a fully in-house endeavor, but over the course of time, the band realized it was fully capable of not only writing and performing their music, they had a penchant for producing it on their own as well. The band met in church, have a passion for ministry, and believe that Christian music can change lives.

The result has been—already–millions of streams of their material released over the past two years and a radio campaign for their most recent single, “Lay ‘Em Down.”

“‘Lay ‘Em Down’ is about being at the end of yourself and choosing to lean into Jesus,” says Zach. “The world is heavy—and especially throughout 2020, the weight has at times seemed unbearable with the pandemic, injustice and division. It’s too much to carry alone. We needed to write a song that reminded ourselves and others to find rest in Jesus when we’re weary and heavy-burdened.”

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