Dachshund Through The Snow + BOOK GIVEAWAY!

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This precious picture book by best selling award winning author Michelle Medlock Adams introduces us to sweet Crosby the miniature dachshund.

The size of your stature is not the measure of your heart. For one tiny Dachshund, this was a mighty big lesson.

Crosby was teeny. Even for a miniature dachshund. In fact, he was the teeniest dachshund in the whole town. But his small stature and big heart made Crosby one of the best burrowers in all of the North Pole. That’s why he couldn’t wait to enter the North Pole Animal Olympics and burrow his way to a gold medal. Finally old enough to compete, Crosby goes to town to register on Dec. 23, but when he encounters lots of hecklers and bullies who make fun of his small size, Crosby loses his confidence. With his tail tucked between his legs, he burrows as fast and far away from town as he can, running smack dab into a stranded Santa and his divine destiny.

Will this unlikely hero save Christmas?

Four to eight-year-olds will be on the edge of their seats as this holiday picture book page-turner unfolds.

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My Thoughts

My daughters really loved this Christmas story with a miniature hero. They loved that “short or tall doesn’t matter at all. It’s your ginormous heart that sets you apart”. It’s a 5/5 star book for us!




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