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Title: The Gifted Trilogy

Author: Lisa T. Bergren

Publisher: Stonewater Books

Release Date: 2021

Genre:Supernatural Suspense / Christian

An ancient, secret letter has long prophesied that the Gifted would gather. One with the ability to heal, another with the gift of wisdom. Others with the ability to see the future, discern truth, uncover evil intent, or exhibit miraculous powers. Together they are a force, born to change the world. But their gathering has drawn the attention of those who wield power…people determined to either control or destroy them.

“[A] classic battle between good and evil. Disregard Da Vinci Code comparisons, and think Lord of the Rings.” —Publishers Weekly

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Daria stood at the girl’s mangled left hand, blood seeping into the blanket beneath it, seeing her
at the lute in the garden the day before yesterday, with lithe fingers flying over the strings,
creating music worthy of heaven itself. Never again would she play.

Nay. She must see Giovanna playing, must concentrate on seeing her play again! She
began groaning aloud, unable to think of any of the right words, before holy women and a holy
man of God. So she groaned in angst, longing for God to hear them, see them, move within

“The Holy One understands your groans, m’lady,” Piero said quietly. “But feel free to
speak from your heart. As if the Lord Jesus himself were here in the room with us. There are no
wrong words.”

Daria studied him, frowning. Surely he should lead them in prayer. Was this not the
priest’s role? To pray? Her eyes went to him again and he gave her a gentle smile. “No wrong
words,” he repeated. “Simply begin and ask for the Lord’s guidance. The words will come. They
are almost unnecessary. ’Tis our hearts that the Holy One seeks.”

Daria turned to Giovanna again. “Please, please, Lord Jesus. Heal your servant,
Giovanna,” Daria said, gently unwrapping the nun’s injured hand. It appeared hopeless. The
bones were crushed, her hand curiously flat and mashed, lying at odd angles in Daria’s own. The
skin was broken in a hundred places, with tendons and muscles and bones exposed. Daria felt
curiously removed from the gore, her stomach calm. All she could see was Giovanna’s hand
upon the lute…

“Heal her now, Lord God,” she begged. “Lord Jesus Christ, Lord on High, come and be
present here. Enter her arteries and veins, enter her bones and tendons. Her muscles. Begin your
healing work. Creator of all, heal her completely. Please mend every single bone. Let her use this
moment and her music to serve you. Let her celebrate your glory because you have drawn nearer
to her than ever before. You are able… You are abundantly able to do this, Father God. We ask
you to do this. Come and be present. Come and be present in this room, Holy Spirit. Change our
lives. Chase out our sin and make us worthy vessels of you, Lord. We are sinful, incomplete
without you, Jesus. Cleanse us. Make us holy. Use us, Father. Use this moment.”

Tears slipped down Daria’s face as she pleaded with God. Dimly, she heard others
sniffing through tears and quiet voices begin to join hers in supplication. “Lord God, you are in
this convent. You are in this room with us. Thank you for drawing near. Thank you for gracing
us with your presence. Do a mighty work here, Almighty One.

“You have the power to part oceans and tear down fortress walls. You knew Giovanna in
her mother’s womb, were present when she devoted her life to your service. Please, Lord God,
heal her now.”

–an excerpt from BEGOTTEN, book one of The Gifted, by Lisa T. Bergren


They had once been like family; Daria had called him Uncle. But death had destroyed them. The
death of Daria’s parents, the death of her handfasting to her beloved, Marco, and their future. For
Vincenzo, it had been the death of Tatiana, his third wife, pregnant at last with an heir, and then
the death of his trust in Daria. That she had not confided in him enraged Vincenzo for a time.
Now he only felt an empty hollow within his chest when he thought of her. He wanted her with
him again, beside them, making him feel alive again, whole. Abramo wanted her and the Gifted
in hand. Together, they would leave suffering behind. Cheat death. Rule life.

Could she not see that his way was the way to hope? Dimly, he could see her in Il Campo
on that last night, tears streaming down her lovely face, a hand reaching out to him. Light
surrounded her, a holy glow, her hair lifting in the wind, her eyes awash in pleading. It was as if
time slowed down to a crawl, and he could see each moment with such clarity! So much was
unspoken, and yet he knew what she offered—beauty, love, peace, courage. But her path would
take time.

And Vincenzo had no more time. The years were quickly advancing upon him. Now was
the time to seize what was his, not wait on Daria’s way. This was his path—Amidei’s path. It
was harsh at times, but the power his master offered made Vincenzo feel stronger than he had in
some time. Already, in serving Lord Amidei, following his lead, Vincenzo had doubled his
wealth and holdings. He spent most of his nights in the arms of beautiful women and other
pleasures. And within months, he’d watched the powerful Nine of Siena gradually come to kneel
before them. Together, Lord Amidei and Baron del Buco now owned this city.

–an excerpt from BETRAYED, book two of The Gifted, by Lisa T. Bergren


Lord Devenue gasped at the feel of her hands upon his flesh, half in surprise at the sensation of
touch, half in desperate grief and shame. His slow sigh made Daria’s eyes well with tears. Such
sorrow, such loss he had suffered. Holding his head, closing her eyes, she could sense the dearth
within him, the wild, yawning chasm and the masses, dark and throbbing within him. She panted,
connecting with him, feeling his illness as if it was a grotesque monster, gaining strength by the
minute within. And the loss…the pain within him! It made her both furious and mournful.

“M’lady?” he asked, breaking her reverie.

Daria opened her eyes, tears streaming down her face now, and met his gaze. “Oh,
m’lord. I am so sorry. So sorry for your pain. Your grief. Your loss. I know it now. I feel it.”

Lord Devenue slowly reached up his hands and covered her own, bringing them down to
cover his chest in an oddly intimate moment that neither of them could stop. Tears slid down his
face as well, and she could see it was a handsome face beneath the odd bulges that deformed his
forehead and skull. But in his eyes, although tears flowed, there was a spark of something else.

Fight. And faith.

Daria smiled through her tears. “You know now. You know. I am here to help, m’lord,
only help. God himself has sent me, us, to do his work within you. You are chosen. You are
blessed. You shall be whole again. Healed.”

Lord Devenue’s wide lips split into a lopsided grin and he laughed silently as his gaze
moved beyond her and his eyes widened. “Well I know it. While the dark lord dared to make an
appearance, so did our Lord’s angels. They are behind you still, Lady Daria. Behind you all. I
believe. I believe.”

–an excerpt from BLESSED, book three of The Gifted, by Lisa T. Bergren


Lisa T. Bergren is the best-selling, award-winning author of over 60 books in a variety of genres, from children’s picture books to contemporary romance to supernatural suspense novels. She lives in Colorado Springs in a brand-new home she and her husband just finished building and intend to never leave because she’s discovered she loathes moving. You can find out more about her at

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