“Overcoming Adversity” Bible Study Course from All For Jesus: Living Waters Ministry

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Live in peace under all adversity, knowing what God promises.

I’ve just finished an outstanding Bible Study called “Overcoming Adversity.” It’s a video course that’s offered by All For Jesus: Living Waters Ministry. During this study, you will dive deep into the word as you learn the causes of adversity, and our responsibility to abide and walk with God as we overcome them. It’s definitely a study that I wish I’d watched years ago! I enjoyed it so much, that I watched it several times!

Course Description

Everyone faces adversity. Jesus said we would. However, Christians are deeply confused about the source of adversity and thus the expected relief from adversity. They tend to think that it is either all orchestrated by God or is all caused by Satan but allowed by God; and thus should not be consequential for as deep or as long as it seems to be in our actual experiences. This course goes into the depth of all the different causes of adversity and gives specific remedies for all. It clarifies exactly what is going on in our lives and then provides us with a resolution pathway. With this understanding, we can then live in peace under all adversity, knowing what God promises.

Each study includes a video course, tools, and digital workbook (172 pages of practical tips, exercises, prayer, and Bible Study to help you overcome adversity).

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All for Jesus has been kind enough to provide this course entirely FREE for my followers. This Bible Study Course is usually $30, but I’ve been blessed to offer this course to my readers for FREE! Start the Course for Free Today

I gleaned so much from this study, and I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I have! It’s definitely a study for such a time as this, and reminded me of Psalms 91 – On Eagles Wings.

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