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This colorful, beautifully illustrated children’s book invites children ages four through seven into Gwen Raccoon’s world to learn alongside her how to have the courage to always tell the truth.  

Gwen Raccoon is embarrassed when she gets a failing grade on a math test. But that’s not the big problem: the big problem is that she is cultivating the habit of lying to do what she wants and cover up her mistakes. Gwen’s lies pile up. But when Mama confesses her own failure to tell the truth, Gwen gains the courage to confess and ask forgiveness of Jesus and of those she has lied to.  

Edited by Edward. T. Welch, Gwen Tells Tales helps young readers see how God always accepts us when we confess sin and repent; and further, how he gives us the humility to speak the truth when it’s hard. A special section at the end of the book guides parents in helping their children be truth-tellers. Also included is a tear-out page of Back Pocket Bible Verses to remind children and adults that God’s forgiveness is always available to cleanse us from sin; and the Holy Spirit always gives strength to speak the truth. 

Gwen Tells Tales is part of the Good News for Little Hearts series, bringing gospel help and biblical counsel to families. Based on CCEF’s model of hope and help, each story focuses on an animal family’s real-life issues, encouraging young readers toward a growing relationship with Jesus in the midst of challenging circumstances. Each individual story guides parents toward meaningful conversations with their kids, based on what Scripture has to say about living by faith in everyday life.  

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My Thoughts

“So many Christian parents are looking for engaging, age-appropriate ways to help their young children learn what the Bible teaches about everyday struggles and challenging situations. This new book series edited by David Powlison and Ed Welch fits the bill! In the Good News for Little Hearts series, kids will be enthralled by relatable characters, charming illustrations, and gospel-centered lessons. These volumes would make a valuable addition to any family’s library.” 

Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

Gwen Tells Tales is a wonderful book in the Good News for Little Hearts series. This one is about having the courage to tell the truth, even when it’s hard. As humans, we’ve been hiding from God since the beginning whenever we have done wrong. We can love the truth because we have a gracious and loving God, and our hope is in Him. The message in this book is a great lesson for everyone, young and old! 

I really loved the section at the end of the book titled “Helping Your Child With Lying.” The author guides parents in helping their children be truth-tellers and offers advice on building a relationship where truth is welcomed, and it’s natural to confess our wrongs.

While you will not eliminate all of your child’s lies, you can form a relationship with your child in which God’s words bring truth, the truth is prized, and there are incentives for honesty


Gwen Tells Tales, along with all of the Good News for Little Hearts books, are sure to become longtime favorites that deserve a special place on your shelves. If you are looking for age-appropriate ways to help your children grasp the heart of Biblical teachings and how they relate to their everyday lives, this one is it!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

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  1. This really looks like a cute book for the kids to read. I think my daughter would love to read it!

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