My Review of Season One of Vindication on Pureflix

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With today’s entertainment that is slowly desensitizing our teenagers to sex, violence, and profanity – it’s important for us as parents to help our children make wise decisions in what movies, music, and shows they take in! Entertainment has a major impact on our lives, and that’s why it’s important that our media decisions reflect our number one priority – God! This is why I love Pureflix, you can feed your mind and hearts with God-honoring movies and shows – easy peasy!

If you’re a fan of the series “The Chosen“, I am happy to introduce you to another “Binge-Worthy Faith-Based Series” called Vindication! I found this series on Pureflix, and absolutely love it! Each episode follows the criminal investigations of detective Gary Travis, in which he observes the fingerprint of God in the lives of various crime suspects. He also struggles with his faith throughout the series.

Watch Season One Trailer on Pureflix

Vindication is a Teen-Friendly Action Packed Crime Series that isn’t afraid to tackle complex topics along with questions about faith.

I really think that parents with teenagers will appreciate this series – and they will also find it Binge-Worthy. Each episodes tackles complex topics like affairs, sexting, chasing wealth, drug addiction, human trafficking, prostitution, dark web, pornography, and the consequences of committing sins. I love that this series will give parents the opportunity to talking with their teenagers about weighty topics and issues that they may face in life from a faith based angle. I also really loved all the Bible references throughout the episodes!

This is an amazing series that will keep you guessing throughout each and every episode! It is packed with action, and the storylines will never disappoint. I also was surprised with the acting, it wasn’t your typical cheesy acting that you find in most Christian shows, but it was heartfelt and drew you into each charter as the episodes went on throughout the series. I also appreciated the real-life scenarios that and how relatable each character was. I can’t wait for season 2! 

Click here to stream “Vindication” Season One on Pureflix right now!

Watch the Official Trailer for Season 2 of Vindication

New episodes of Season 2 will air each Wednesday through 10/27/21. Watch the official trailer for Season 2 on Pureflix.

Vindication Podcast

There is a new “VINDICATION PODCAST” series. Join author, filmmaker and pastor Lucas Miles and Pure Flix’s Billy Hallowell to explore the season two premiere of “Vindication.”

They’ll dive into themes, characters — and much more. Listen and be sure to stay up-to-date with the new episode of Vindication!

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