Lindsay Munroe Releases “Frogs and Birds” a Heartwarming Family Album

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Snippet from Press Release

A mother of three children with autism, Lindsay Munroe is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion. Her warmth and deep sensitivity to children with special needs inform the songs on Frogs and Birds, which she created for all children, but especially for those who are neurodiverse.

The album’s title track, an original song by Lindsay Munroe, is sung as a duet by Lindsay and her nine-year-old daughter Mem. “Frogs and Birds” is a tender, lilting tune about considering the feelings of others. Mother and daughter first alternate verses and then join for a collective chorus, with Raffi adding his trademark gentle vocals to the mix.

Frogs and Birds

“This is as fine a performance by a child as any during my entire recording career,” says Raffi. “Mem’s charming vocals add just the right touch to this endearing song by her mother Lindsay. ‘Frogs and Birds’ is sure to delight listeners both young and old.”

“Mem and I had so much fun recording ‘Frogs and Birds’ together. Mem was very comfortable in the studio. She sang on my first album, I Am Kind, so she was a pro at wearing the headphones and singing into the microphone,” says Lindsay Munroe. “We sing together at home with our ukuleles all the time, so recording was very relaxed and joyful. We are both thrilled with the results. Hearing Raffi’s voice with us on the chorus is very special!”

“Recording was awesome, and I love the song!” adds Mem.

Frogs and Birds is available now on CD, digital and all streaming services. Click HERE to order.

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