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Having courage isn’t about the absence of fear. It’s acknowledging that fear and being willing to take the next step anyway.


Push past the loss of your “normal” with bestselling author Laura Story and embrace the soaring freedom found in living secure in God’s love.

Bible teacher Laura Story gets what it’s like to have plans altered and to surrender perceived security when faced with circumstances beyond our control. But she also understands the blessing of having a Father who loves you enough to take off the training wheels and place his beloved children in the best possible scenario for good and growth.

Building on Laura’s previous two titles, When God Doesn’t Fix It and I Give Up, So Long, Normal guides us to leave behind the idols of comfort, caution, and routine so we can live strong and well, even when life takes an unwelcome turn.

She says, “Jesus doesn’t just save us from hell in the next life; He saves us from our addiction to ‘normal’ lives this side of eternity. Our preference for cautious, ordinary lives is really rooted in a lack of faith and a failure to understand how much better His plan is than ours.”

In her confessional, conversational style, Laura weaves her own personal stories with examples from Scripture of characters whose lives were upended by unexpected (and undesired) change. Leaving, loving, or losing our “normal” is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new adventure with God that will change us forever.

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My Thoughts

So while I’ve been quarantined with COVID for the past few weeks, I’ve been reading this book “So Long, Normal” by Laura Story. It’s been the perfect book to remind me of the unshakable foundation that I have in Jesus in this out-of-control world! It will definitely help you push past the loss of your “normal,” and embrace the freedom you can find in living securely in God’s love.

I could tell you that this zip line can hold up to 5000 pounds, but that’s not going to reassure you. The step you’re about to take requires courage. And having courage isn’t about the absence of fear. It’s acknowledging that fear and being willing to take the next step anyways

So long, normal.

Having anxiety and living through several traumatic experiences, unexpected deaths/accidents/health – I’m all too familiar with things not being “normal”. And after the previous year, I’m sure we’re all starting to feel this way. I’ve always secretly found myself wishing that things were more “normal”, and I’ve spent much of my life trying to control things into some kind of normalcy. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve come to the conclusion that much of my character building (heart/mind changing) was done during these times – and through it I’ve started to understand God’s unchanging character and love because of it.

Our greatest surprise has been in seeing how God chooses to bring himself immeasurable glory through what He has not healed and what he has not fixed.

I really loved this quote as well, as I can really relate to it. I’ve spent so much of my life dwelling on the why’s and what if’s. It’s caused me so much anger, bitterness, resentment, and discouragement. It’s taken me so long to understand that I can’t control anything in my life, and I wasn’t meant to. To follow Jesus, He wants us to surrender everything (this includes our grief about loosing our “normal”) and trusting His goodness and perfect plan. To enter something new, He asks us to leave things behind so we can follow Him more fully. When I truly understood how much God loves me, and how good He is – it was easy to let go and surrender – even my fears, disappointments, and dreams.

Now I live my life every day walking with my best friend, my Father, and the lover of my Heart. I can’t wait to share my hope and joy with others – because I know that no matter what trials I face, I can trust a loving God who works out all things together for my good. My joy doesn’t come from my perfect “normal” circumstances, but in Jesus’ love for me and His work in my life as He changes my heart as I follow Him.

The joy of the Lord is my strength

Neiamiah 8:10

I highly recommend this book, and you will really benefit from it, as you read and work through the questions at the end of the book.

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