“Dealing With Feelings” Series Helps Kids Manage Anger and Anxiety

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“Through engaging and playful storytelling, Grappling with the Grumblies and Juggling the Jitters offers adults and young children practical tools to work through anger and anxiety together.”

Judy Arnall

“Funny” and “profound” picture books empower kids to manage difficult emotions, especially post pandemic.

As kids and parents start to readjust to life after being kept apart during the pandemic, they are bound to be feeling some jittery emotions. Deborah Miller wants to do her part in alleviating this stress with her adorable and helpful children’s books Grappling with the Grumblies and Juggling the Jitters.

Miller has also introduced a live, interactive online “Dealing with Feelings” presentation for schools, and family support organizations. She is actively working on more books in the series. The series empowers young children (K-3) to manage difficult emotions like anger and anxiety while building resiliency and self-esteem.

Miller’s books are coming at the perfect time to help kids as anxiety becomes more prevalent during their re-entry into society. She is hopeful that these books will make kids feel less alone.

Grappling with the Grumblies

Turns angry battles into joyful play.

Grump!” said the Grumblie. When Jessie went to bed, everything was great; but when Jessie woke up, everything was GRUMPY! You try getting ready for school with a great big Grumblie in your way that only you can see. And, it keeps growing bigger and bigger! Grappling with the Grumblies is the first book in a series of fun-loving stories aimed at empowering children when they feel overwhelmed by negative emotions.

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Juggling the Jitters

Turns bedtime worries into silly songs and dances.

“Yikes!” say the Jitters, and then even more Jitters arrive. When Jacob woke up, everything was great. But when Jacob goes to bed, everything gets JITTERY! That’s when the Jitters appear and the troubles begin! You try getting ready for bed with six Jitters in your way and they keep multiplying! This is Jacob’s funny and frustrating problem in Juggling the Jitters. With every “what-if-iffer” and “maybe mumblie,” the Jitters fill up Jacob’s room until there is no room left for Jacob. Finally, with Dad’s help, Jacob silly dances and sings those Jitters into Glitters that burst into stars.

We use music to get rid of our grumblies and jitters. Here is a fun playlist of upbeat children’s music that we put together!

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