Ready to Listen in Prayer: Object Lesson

“Let those with ears use them and listen! Think carefully about the things you hear. The way you give to others is the way God will give to you. But God will give you more than you give. The person who has something will be given more. But the person who does not have much, even what he has will be taken from him.”

Mark 4:23-25

The more you listen in prayer (and read the bible), the more you will get out of it!

God is always wanting to speak to us. He wants to guide us and lead us. However, we often do not hear Him simply because we don’t take the time to listen.


Ask your kids to try to explain something fun that happened today without talking.

After their attempts, ask, “Did you find that it was frustrating to share what happened without using words?”

Explain that this is how God feels sometimes. He wants to speak to us, to explain things to us, but He can’t if we don’t take the time to listen when we pray.

We find peace, purpose, and strength by spending time with Jesus in prayer.

Watch “Jesus Prayed For Us: John 17

Jesus’ prayer for us does more than offer comforting words but promises that the unity God had with His son, is also given to us.

Sing Praise Together

I Will Pray

We have a relationship with God and can come to hear from Him only because of God’s kindness. Any work of God in our lives or any word that we hear from God are a result of God’s amazing grace.

Heart of Worship

Pray Together As A Family

Pray together as a family, and discuss ways you can sit and listen to Jesus’ voice.

“Lord we want hearts that hear you. Give us the gift of a discerning (listening) heart. Help us to know your will for our lives, and give us the courage and wisdom to walk in it.”

We love using the Abide App to help still our minds when we pray. We also use and Bible App.

We also love using PrayerBowls when we pray, because it brings to mind prayer requests we want to focus on in prayer.

We’ve been learning the Lord’s prayer with candy rewards.

For Parents

Watch This Sermon “A Strong Life”

(minutes 10-13 in the video is about the holy spirit and teaching children about prayer)

Another message from this series, A Strong Family Sermon

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