When I Hold You by Ashley Huffstutler

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Where does a mother’s love come from? Ashley Huffstutler shows us it comes directly from the heart of God. When I Hold You is a gentle and celebratory poem that draws the comparison between a mother’s tender love for her children and God’s nurturing love for us.

A perfect gift for any new or existing mother, When I Hold You captures the universal experience of the mother-child bond. As young readers, ages 0-4, listen to the rhyme and see the diverse illustrations, they will better understand how God reveals His love to us through our relationships with one another. With Scriptures woven throughout every image, both mother and child will be encouraged to worship the God whose love lasts forever!

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A note from Ashley Huffstutler, author of “When I Hold You”

During my second pregnancy in 2017, I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I simply wanted to put my words together for my daughters for them to have something to read and know that God is ever-present.

As the writing process went on, I sensed God calling me to step “out of the boat” and pursue Him all the more—trusting, with faith, in His plan, and in the words He allowed me to find. In the end, “When I Hold You” became more about being encouraged with God’s Word in motherhood and wanting to share that, not only with my own girls but with others as well.

I really want other moms to know that regardless of circumstance or emotion or situation, God is right beside you. God has ordained every moment with your children. In the ups and downs, in the happy moments and the tougher moments, He is a rock and He is present. Holding our precious littles is such a gift and through these tender moments, God is giving us such a special bond with Himself.

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