How Do I Get Through This? A Study of the Book of Exodus

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I’ve been listening to this study plan from First 5 on their app. I’ve really enjoyed it so far, and highly recommend downloading the app for great bible studies.

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About the Study

Pressing On When You Want To Turn Back, Give Up or Walk Away

What do we do when we’re in the middle of something that feels impossible to overcome?In the moments when we wonder — “How do I get through this?” — it’s easy to want to turn back, give up or walk away. When this happens, it’s easy to trick ourselves into believing that everything will be better if we just have comfort or control. We’re not the only ones who have struggled getting to the other side. The Israelites had these same feelings of hopelessness in the book of Exodus as they were enslaved in Egypt and were led into the wilderness. But God revealed a better way: a way that tests our faith and requires our trust but ultimately brings us through the wilderness and into the promised land where God’s best awaits us.

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