Virtual Easter Sedar Event with Rabbi Jason Sobel

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Passover: The Promise Of Redemption

The girls and I attended a virtual teaching event last night on Seder with Rabbi Jason Sobel. It was so much fun having Rabbi walk us through Sedar. We were not at all prepared, and only had tortillas and juice boxes … but we learned so much! I was not aware how little I knew about Passover until this event.

The Holy Spirit showed up to the event. At one point the rabbi said look at your family and say “you are free,” and when my girls said this to me I felt a dark cloud leave my heart. I then started crying, and then they started crying. We really had a blast attending this event… and we will be more knowledgeable and prepared for next year!

Details on the Event

“Passover – The Promise of Redemption” a special in-home Passover Seder Experience and teaching for you and your family. Come to understand and know – Jesus, the greater Moses, the Passover Lamb, delivers us into the Promised Land.

Every milestone in Jesus’ life occurred on a chag, a Jewish holiday. His death was no exception. Yeshua-Jesus died during Passover. He is called the Passover Lamb. Before His death, He dined with His disciples in what is known as the Last Supper. This was a Last Seder. He was observing Passover by having a traditional dinner called a seder with His closest friends.

Are you ready to take hold of your full inheritance as you connect ancient wisdom with the contemporary teachings of Yeshua (Jesus)? Passover will help you discover the riches God has for you as you Journey Deeper through the story of Passover. Rabbi Jason Sobel will reveal the meaning of Passover and how it applies to your daily life as a follower of Yeshua.

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We also received these digital books that came with the virtual event. They are packed with information, and I can’t wait to read them!!

  • Direct digital download of “A Daring Rescue: Origin of Passover” by Rabbi Jason Sobel. This will establish the importance of celebrating Passover as followers of Yeshua and provide ahow-to guide for the upcoming Passover experience.
  • Direct digital download of “Messiah’s Seder: A Passover Experience for Christians and Messianic Jews” This Haggadah walks you through each ofthe 15 steps, The blessings, background, and prayers. Designed specifically for you and this year of 5781/2021 to be a resource and guidebook on your journey to knowing and loving Yeshua Jesus more.

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